The 3-6-9 pattern refers to every aspect of reality, including time, cycles of days, months and years.

2017 (2+1+7=10=1) was the first year of a new starting cycle, which will last for 9 years, and will end in 2025.

This is the current Year Cycle:

cycle 2017 - 2025 (2)

In Blue is the calculated (reduced) sum of the year, ex: 2017 (2+1+7=10=1);

In Orange is the maximum “frequency” of that respective year, always on the 29th of September, the highest energy day of the year.



The last cycles which match exactly the current one (2017 – 2025) were:

cycle 1117-1125


cycle 1207-1215



cycle 2008 - 2016


The Next Cycle:

cycle 2026 - 2034


Overview of previous, current and the next cycles together:

1998 - 2034