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The biggest WHY

Why are we here?

The answer to one of the main philosophical questions was staring us in the face this entire time.


In a highly organized plane of existence, every “chance” has been previously calculated to the smallest detail. Our existence is not part of a chaos, in fact there is no chaos, as there never really was.

fractals in genetics

The Collective Consciousness perhaps is not about the synchronization of “all” individuals, but the awareness that Life (Vitality) within us is the connection to the Whole.


Once again, science confirms what for Consciousness is basics. Every existence serves a purpose, and fair enough we find our confirmation in Biology. When studying the living cell, we could easily transpose the same logic to the rest of all other singularities. A cell is “just” a “cosmic egg”, a seed, the beginning of a more complex and evolved structure, a human body, or a whole universe. It’s all in perspective!


And what is the most basic rule of every cellular structure? Functionality, the purpose of all existence, one of the main laws of Life and universal harmony! Every single element is essential to the maintenance of the whole, and it does make a difference. It is served by its own lifespan based on function and “transformed” (because energy never dies) when the full goal is achieved.


“Nothing at random” is one of the most usual expressions with a deep meaning. Everything has its purpose, its function, its reason for existence, and absolutely nothing exists without logic. The cycle of Life is based on its functionality, and once it reaches its goal, its pre-defined function, its cycle of manifestation ends, as well as its existence on the physical plane. So is the biological world. The eternal question remains: “Who” or “What” determines the original guideline? Hopefully soon to be “discovered”.


Once more we can confirm how nature holds the pattern of Life, the directives of this matrix we maintain and are all part of. For now, for the time being this is the main issue and where we must focus on primarily.



So again, why are we here?

We are here to serve our purpose, which can only be found and achieved through our uniquess and acceptance of Being, exactly as we are, with all our weirdness and originality. Each of us a major singularity to an individual creative world!  – The living multiverse. We have an enormous responsibility, to which we were created for!


How silly does it sound now to be afraid of our own exceptionality and pretend to be normal or just like any other human to adapt! It is the concept of ridiculousness.


Life has been extremely generous so far, prolonging our time for awareness and so we “get our act together” so that each of us can figure out their passions, honor their dreams (directives) and achieve the personal purpose of Being.


Enough with wasting this precious and finite time, don’t you think?


eli de Lemos


Again about Love – Deeper Realms

We lie about Love. We lie to ourselves and create “alternative realities”, like never ending cheap soap operas to distract from the main picture. We have no idea, we are clueless!


We interpret shallow feelings as Love while obliterating the real thing, because we want to feel the “butterflies”! Well … just maybe the “butterflies” sensation is a sign that something is wrong, a wrong path, a wrong choice, a “do not dig any further”, “Danger ahead”.




“Time heals everything” and so with time and a lot of self-healing daily practice I have come to unlock many hidden past blockages, and their unresolved emotions. Surprisingly, I realized how regarding Love and my past relationships, I actually loved far more the ones I pretended not to and felt nothing meaningful for the ones I thought I did. My whole concept of love just turned 180 degrees on me.


Depending on our own personal traumas, mine was mostly about fearing Love and not the fear of commitment as I previously thought, we allow stories that perpetuate and protect the trauma itself. If we fear love (which in reality reflects the fear of suffering or rejection), chances are our love affairs would be nothing about love but a safer path away from it. We may wonder in circles why no relationships work out or we never find the better-half, when in fact we are the ones sabotaging it by choosing “mates” that can only scratch the surface of our hearts, if so. Call it “playing safe”.


Furthermore, we have no clue about love, other than the mental love, filling the void (self-love), the fearful version of the real thing, the mirror reflection of true Love, the shallow mind based on the physical, the unbalanced hormones, beauty and other futile attributes such as a nice pair of blue eyes.


The real deal includes so much more, a total trust in Life and Other, something we cannot control and therefore a complete shot in the dark (The Leap of Faith), and most importantly self-knowledge, self-Love, and self-satisfaction (not searching for comfort or approval and being happy on their own), while defying all mental standards of attraction and pre-concepts ideas of any kind. True love knows no boundaries!


We don’t truly love the one we admire and which “represents” all we want (or better said, what we think we want), the one who thicks all the boxes, on the contrary, the real love is the one who pisses us off the most, makes our blood boil without explanation (not to be confused with “butterflies”), the one we would so “securely” say “Never in a million years!!!”


Wanting & Loving


Maybe there are so many broken hearts and so much frustration because we believed the wrong version of Love and should start accepting what is really in front of our eyes, the “irritating” best friend, the one in our faces throughout the years.


Love is supposed to be challenging, not the perfectly “happily ever after” version on the fairy tales. Because we grow in Love with Love, we evolve only from the uncomfortable zone, we become better versions of ourselves, we grow wings to fly into higher dimensions.




And when love doesn’t correspond the way we wanted or expected, let it be. Trust Life and make room for the unknow. First of all, have no expectations and keep in mind the best things in life are surprises and the things we didn’t see it coming. Second, go with the flow and trust Synchronicity, so “work” on self, focus on self-Love, learn how to walk before you can jump and run. When the right Moment comes along, you will know for sure, with all your heart, soul and body!


The deep Love has no “butterflies” but a very strong sense of “Home”!

It comes with Inner Peace!


eli de Lemos

The NOW started … yesterday!

Carpe diem (“Seize the day”); “Live the moment”; “Be present in the Now”; “The only moment that exists is the Now” – All right and absolutely true, but … I wonder, at what moment does the present begin?

The present moment is a manifestation. A “physical” manifestation of energy dense enough to be visualized and create a “reality” in 3D, 4D … and so on. A manifestation of something that begins with an intention, the intention being a pre-manifestation, the instant of the creation of the Moment (Present).

In reality, the present began in the past, an extension of yesterday and a pre-intention of tomorrow. There is no separation of time. “Time is not linear.” More likely it is only phases of creation and manifestation in constant alternation, from a purely etheric phase – the intention, and its respective response / consequence – the “physical” manifestation, i.e. visible to the naked eye, temporal or simply holographic. And the future? Just another intention, a new cycle.



“The distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”

Albert Einstein


If all that “exists” is the Present, it is only because it is in the present that we can experience with our physical senses, our most common instruments of perception, of consciousness of living (and Life), because in the deepest sense of feeling, all stages are included, all levels and their intentions (pre-manifestations), every energetic dynamic of the Whole, what we so vaguely call destiny, the natural flow of life.

Life is not created by chance, nor chance is synonymous with destiny, luck or misfortune. Everything that we are living now, at some point we intend, most likely unaware of the consequences of our unconscious thoughts or standard acts.

Now and today pay attention to what you are creating (thinking, attracting), where your attention (focus) goes, your energy, because it will be your tomorrow! It is a peek into the future, still in time for change and correction. And who does not want to know the future in advance?!


eli de Lemos

The Hardest Truth

How far down the rabbit hole are you? Let’s break all illusions. Reality has it is, has many veils, many levels of perception and corruption. The first (false) awakening, the illusory inner mission (the command), the messiahs complex, etc. Let the whole truth be unveil and all Beings be set free from their inner prisons. It is time!


Once each soul individual begins to “awake” to reality, immediately arises a burning urge to alert and awake others. Honestly, it is a mix of panic for what we have learned recently and fear for being alone on this new perspective of life, and the new age loving part which we so strongly wish others to “evolve” quickly so at the end of the day we feel good with ourselves for saving the world. This is all part of the “process”! It is extremely overwhelming.


Breaking the spell of illusion of reality is not even the hardest part. It is heartbreaking to see things, the world, people, cultures, traditions, dogmas, for what they truly are and represent, and the truth behind the curtains. Yes, it is unbelievably hurtful. To accept we have been fooled for eons, and that some people, the ones so close to our hearts just simply cannot see what we see, and perpetuates unconsciously the tricky matrix, as we also have done before. This is how we feel.


At a first stage, there is a need to awake others, urgently. This “feeling” overrides anything else and acts as a main command, a rational inorganic machine-like directive. Normally accompanied by what I personally call the “messiahs complex”:

          “Now that I have received this revealing information, it is my duty and obligation to save others. I must save the world!”

Another very general characteristic of this stage is that temporary “feeling of enlightenment”:

          “I know more than most, so I am special and spiritually more evolved!”

Translation: I feel superior and can dictate to others the right conduct of life. Kind of like “my way or the highway”.


So far, everything I have described here has nothing to do with “enlightenment”, spiritual evolution or even breaking free from the “matrix”. The illusion remains, the only shift is that now instead of “trusting” the world and the system, we focus our attention to our inner rational self – The Mind.


Just for everyone’s information, what is the mind actually? Our mind is a biological (magnetic) processor, aka a computer, which receives, translates, and sends out electromagnetic pulses (information). Our physical center of command, rational information wise. Can this “piece” be hijacked and controlled from the outside, for example?  Absolutely! It is all a matter of synchronizing with the “correct” frequency.  Remember “hypnosis” – “Hypnosis is a state of human consciousness involving focused attention and reduced peripheral awareness and an enhanced capacity to respond to suggestion” (Wikipedia).


“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ― Nikola Tesla

                Where does the urge to awake others really comes from? The mind. At this point, the recent awakened has not set itself free enough. Therefore, very far yet from being able to share the overall picture to others. Each individual has it’s own pace and is at a different level. Instead of focusing within, in our own emotional stability and spiritual maturity, we are “suggested” to follow the “enlightenment process” by servicing to others. This is a new age program, and it keeps us far from any real transformation. And most do it willingly, without realizing they are enduring the main problem, their inner disconnection to Heart source, to avoid pain at any cost. Alcohol and drugs, serve the same purpose, think about it. It is just substituting one “drug” for another!


                If we feel the need to “enlighten” and correct others, we are literally labeling their perspectives has incorrect, and judging others from our own limited perception of “truth”.


                In fact, when we so “passionately” share information with others (the best word to describe it is: aggressively), we are just trying to control their opinions and believes, without respecting their own free will, and most of the time sharing more programing.


How do we know the difference? It is very simple. All so called “lightworkers” should seriously ask this question to themselves: What kind of information are you passing along, and what agenda does it serves? Is it focus on self-love, self-responsibility, self-empowering information, and energy or does it maintain the focus on the duality illusion, the good versus evil, and its eternal fight for power? First, does it make any sense, and do we understand the difference? Because this is crucial!


Most of times, “wanting” to “awake” (or manipulate) others is nothing but a narcissist behavior.


Apart from all these possible sources of motivation, the only real cure is within self. Only self-healing will help us through. No other way. Hence the only way to transform the world, is to transform ourselves. That is why we come as “individuals” because it is an “individual” self-responsible path. Letting others take responsibility for their own healing is an act of true love and compassionate respect. Making a business out of healing others, which in fact is not true, is the new age approach to keeping the “matrix” operational, and base on profit from others suffering.


“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”


Accepting our responsibility is one of the most important lessons in life. Learning how to embrace our emotions, the whole spectrum of it, with the same love and gratitude. Understand that the Source is a neutral state, not dual, just like water (H2O) 2 doses of hydrogen (gratitude) for 1 dose of oxygen (love). Understand that everything, every energy, every frequency serves a purpose, a functionally, a deeper knowledge. Outside the “matrix” there is no right or wrong, no good or evil, no god and the devil, that is the main illusion of the “matrix”, one side is the mirror reflection of the other. If one intents to break free from command, one must “see” beyond duality (use that 3rd eye) and feel (accept) things as they are by nature. The energy we daily focus on is the same we are sharing with others. Be self-conscious!


The hardest truth of them all is also the deepest. The most heartbreaking and defenseless of all. That truth is also the most difficult to share, or better yet, the one that cannot be shared, it must be self-realized.  I can only give you clues, pieces of the puzzle and so each can comprehend for themselves. Everything in this “reality” is compromised. I do mean everything. I have written about it many times, and in many ways. Be aware of the half lies within every shared (published/authorized) information, beliefs, and dogmas. There is no higher help, no ascended masters (again the sub intended superiority complex), no safe rituals. In truth, all rituals serve a hidden agenda, symbols and words, prayers included. Everything has a determined frequency and an energetic functionally. Even our electric boards circuits are shaped in specific ways. Research, double check every piece of information. Do not practice or affiliate yourself with what you don’t fully understand. Always dig deeper than a public and general explanation. Sub conscious agreements are made all the time, attention to the words you say, think,  when agreeing with something (anything)!


The only safe “place” is within self, in our Heart mind, in full inner peaceful silent, but first we must dig through the layers of pain, fear, lack of self-love. It is a long and hard progression.  Do not fear the pain, learn from it, as it says so much about our true selves. Find your inner child and listen to what it has to say. Learn how to listen to your body pains, they are speaking your truth, providing your answers.


All this information I just shared, I learned it the hard way. “Been there, done that”, that is why I know, learned it by feeling, by making the mistakes myself and waking up from it, growing with it. I am sharing this not so you do not make the same mistakes, but so you can understand them easier, hopefully. Have no illusion: each of you will make mistakes.


“It’s not how many times you fall that matters but how many times you get back up that counts.”


eli de Lemos


Communication, Life’s Essence

The higher bound between all “particles”, our most inner connection, what unites us all, it is Communication! In a “reality” of disconnection and separation, learning how we communicate from the deepest levels and use it wisely (conscientiously), it’s of vital importance.


We regard communication has an exchange of “words”, which started with just sounds, and soon developed into more complexe structures: sentences, messages… wider purposes.  No dear ones, our most basic and significant communication is energy!




We already know how our energy always precedes our physical presence. It is actually our “aura”, our electromagnetic field we project. But not only! We also communicate by Thought and mostly by Intention. The utmost harmonious communication demands highly conscious choices, such has Honesty, a complete transparency in our Intention and energy! Nobody said it was easy!


Honesty, alongside with a practical knowledge of Empathy, Kindness, and Compassion, is a major key of the process, a vital element. So, the first thing in our agendas is: Stop lying to ourselves! We’ve gotten so caught up in the “white lies” game, we’ve forgotten honesty and its valuable lesson. It starts with us, from within, only we can break the cycle. Then, naturally we will stop feeling the need to lie to others, to protect ourselves. It’s a vicious circle.


To allow that metamorphosis we must embrace our fears, “grab the bull by the horns” gently, as they too, our fears, bring a message from within. They speak about our blockages, our inner and subconscious resistances, they help us to move forward and grow, but with caution!


For energy, there is no right or wrong, good or bad, there is only (neutral) purpose, an Intention! This is the message we send to the outer world, the “others”, the reality we create, the multiverse, our feed-forward!


Once more, because it starts with us, it is our responsibility to guarantee a pure Intention. We create the cycle. Our common words, and compulsive thoughts send out energy too, so we must always be alert and conscious of the frequency we emit.




Every communication has a sender and a receiver, although frequently the roles are exchanged, as to be a fruitful conversation, and knowledge sharer. Our universal conversation, or our connection with the Source, also have a sender (our Intention) and a receiver (our Intuition).  Intuition is therefore the language of the Source, and the message from the Source (the outer world, the “others”, the multiverse) to us, the feedback! This is how we empower ourselves, our most intimate communication, self-Love.


The natural cycle of Creation and Love, the feedforward and feedback, expansion and contraction, entropy and syntropy, is preserved on a daily basis from our ability to inner communicate, while sharing the knowledge with the “others”. So is the process to empower others, and ourselves as a Collective Consciousness.


Giving and Receiving is a natural cycle of empowerment. Another major element for our evolution as a species, as part of a more evolved and conscious “Humanity”, and for everything beyond the veil of Space and Time. But first, we have to understand an essential basis, which has so often escaped our attention, that in order to give we must  have the “glass overflowing”, and for this to be possible we must first receive, not from each other but directly from the Source, of the Individual Singularity of each one, the Heart! Without this small but very important correction we continue to drain energy from each other, like unconscious energy vampires. Remember the H2O (Satori Rei) technique, two doses of Gratitude for one of Love, which can also be translated by receiving double (one to keep us healthy and in balance, and another to share) and give once, one at the time! Everything has its correct balance, even to “give & receive”.


The best visual description I have encountered so far is one of the scenes from the movie “Celestine Prophecy”. May it be our constant reminder of how we can change the world!


Eli de Lemos




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