Why are we here?

The answer to one of the main philosophical questions was staring us in the face this entire time.


In a highly organized plane of existence, every “chance” has been previously calculated to the smallest detail. Our existence is not part of a chaos, in fact there is no chaos, as there never really was.

fractals in genetics

The Collective Consciousness perhaps is not about the synchronization of “all” individuals, but the awareness that Life (Vitality) within us is the connection to the Whole.


Once again, science confirms what for Consciousness is basics. Every existence serves a purpose, and fair enough we find our confirmation in Biology. When studying the living cell, we could easily transpose the same logic to the rest of all other singularities. A cell is “just” a “cosmic egg”, a seed, the beginning of a more complex and evolved structure, a human body, or a whole universe. It’s all in perspective!


And what is the most basic rule of every cellular structure? Functionality, the purpose of all existence, one of the main laws of Life and universal harmony! Every single element is essential to the maintenance of the whole, and it does make a difference. It is served by its own lifespan based on function and “transformed” (because energy never dies) when the full goal is achieved.


“Nothing at random” is one of the most usual expressions with a deep meaning. Everything has its purpose, its function, its reason for existence, and absolutely nothing exists without logic. The cycle of Life is based on its functionality, and once it reaches its goal, its pre-defined function, its cycle of manifestation ends, as well as its existence on the physical plane. So is the biological world. The eternal question remains: “Who” or “What” determines the original guideline? Hopefully soon to be “discovered”.


Once more we can confirm how nature holds the pattern of Life, the directives of this matrix we maintain and are all part of. For now, for the time being this is the main issue and where we must focus on primarily.



So again, why are we here?

We are here to serve our purpose, which can only be found and achieved through our uniquess and acceptance of Being, exactly as we are, with all our weirdness and originality. Each of us a major singularity to an individual creative world!  – The living multiverse. We have an enormous responsibility, to which we were created for!


How silly does it sound now to be afraid of our own exceptionality and pretend to be normal or just like any other human to adapt! It is the concept of ridiculousness.


Life has been extremely generous so far, prolonging our time for awareness and so we “get our act together” so that each of us can figure out their passions, honor their dreams (directives) and achieve the personal purpose of Being.


Enough with wasting this precious and finite time, don’t you think?


eli de Lemos