The Satori Rei – The Consciousness of Universal Love is a holistic system established in 2012 in Ponta Delgada (Azores), Portugal. First created in 2007, in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) by personal mission of Master Teacher Eli de Lemos. It is an individual method of conscious magnetic realignment and self-emotional healing.  


The Satori Rei presents a unique perspective of the simple knowledge, science and spirituality combined, the ancient and the “new”. To bring the Oneness from within, one must first question the old paradigms and find the connector of the whole, for there lies the truth.


Rediscovering the essence of Nature, the 3-6-9, our Sacred Geometry, the Heart Source Connection, Self-Love, and the practice of Universal Love (Intuition – Empathy – Compassion), the Satori Rei works directly from the self-empowering Heart Source, with an original 9 chakras system.


Based and inspired by traditional Reiki (Gendai Reiki Ho), Unified Physics, quantum mechanics and the excellent breakthroughs of Nikola Tesla, Dr. Masaru Emoto and the HearthMath Institute, to name a few.


More than a simple healing of the physical and emotional body, the SATORI (understanding; enlightenment) is a natural evolution of Being!

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I am Eli de Lemos, a published Author, Naturopath graduate and Master Teacher of Reiki since 2004, in the systems of Gendai Reiki Ho, Usui Reiki Ryoho, among others, and more recently also in Sacred Geometry Reiki. I discovered in Reiki and writing, my life’s mission, the possibility to rediscover my true essence, and share my experiences with all.

My goal is to contribute to the global awakening and realignment with the Universal Consciousness and It’s natural order (3-6-9). Understand who we truly are, co-creators, connected by a Heart intelligence, as part of this breathing Universe, and achieve inner Peace, the pure state of Being.

Eli de Lemos