9 Vortexes Self Alignment

The 9 Vortexes Self Alignment is essential to our well-being, and in our daily routine. Our health is our own responsibility.  Any holistic practice is a way of living and loving, in consciousness and constant connection (alignment & synchronicity) with the inner Source. It all begins within us, by practicing self-Love.


1 – We starts with both hands, right hand on top of left hand, and send Universal Energy to the Source/Singularity, the Heart.


2- With the right hand on the 5TH Vortex Solar Plexus and the left hand on the 6TH Vortex Throat, we feel the frequency of each and send Universal Gratitude & Love until both feel the same vibration (pulse), in harmony.


3- The same procedure for the 4TH Vortex Sacral (right hand) and the 7TH Vortex Third Eye (left hand). Together with the Heart Source, these are the 3 main (natural) vortexes, and the most important, so please take your time on this pair.


4- With the right hand on the 3RD Vortex Physical Root and the left hand on the 8TH Vortex Crown, feel the pulsation of each and we send Universal Energy until both harmonize in the same vibration.


5- With the left hand on the 2ND Vortex Energetic Root (in between the knees) and the right hand on the 9TH Vortex Higher Self Portal, feel the vibration of each and send Universal Gratitude & Love until both feel the same pulse.


6- Place the left hand on the right elbow, and the right hand on the left forearm, without crossing the arms and send Universal Energy. Than when ready, switch to left hand on right forearm and right hand on left elbow.



7- Place both hands together, as in prayer position or Gassho to cleanse and empower the hands vortexes.


Throughout the whole session keep the 1ST Vortex Gaia Portal grounded to strengthen the connection and reception of pure and healing energy from Gaia.



Please cleanse your aura, always before and after each self alignment.

The time per position is not relevant, please follow your intuition and take as long as you feel necessary.

Also please note that the pulsation alignment at first always just takes a few seconds, and unsynchs quickly, this is normal no matter which pair you work with. Continue with sending your Gratitude & Love and it will harmonize in a much deeper levels.