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  • Everything is Energy and energy translates into frequencies. Everything we see, feel and project is a frequency (thoughts, emotions, food we eat, “diseases”, symptoms, etc. So, think like energy, and choose wisely (consciously)! You alone are responsible for your choices, therefore accept the consequences (your physical, emotional, and spiritual health).



  • Energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed! – Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it transforms from one form to another.” (The law of conservation of energy).


We, humans, are energy transformers (co-creators)! We receive and transmit energy in direct relation to our inner consciousness (awareness). The more spiritual conscious we are, the higher energy frequency we receive and emit.


Nobody or anything can in fact destroy you energetically, just weaken if you allow it, if you consent. There is no need for fear. Transform the outer world by protecting your inner frequency at a high level. (Neutral state of Being)




  • The Source of your energy, the Universal Free Energy, comes from your Heart, not your mind or the outer world. You do not depend on the external energy, only your inner frequency! Your Heart is the Singularity of your creation, the source of your electromagnetism.


You do not depend on others or need others to validate you. Learn how to LOVE yourself. Be grateful for who you are! Accept yourself has you are, no more, no less. “See” yourself from within, and not what you believe others would like to see.


Always trust your Intuition; Trust what you feel from within. Energy from the Heart does not lie.




  • Preserve your Vital Energy. – “Energy flows where attention goes” – The 7 Huna Principles of Life – 3. MAKIA


Keep your energy focused on your own spiritual growth and evolution, for self-transformation. To be consciously aware and a wiser co-creator, learn how to act instead of reacting. Never react to anything. Reaction is a major unconscious energy give away.


Each time that you are concerned with something that you cannot control, such as the future, or the past, or with the behavior of other people, you are literally throwing away your vital energy and creating “holes” (leaks) in your electromagnetic field (aura).


Also, to self-preserve, you must learn how to say NO for your own protection. It is allowed. Saying NO to toxic people and situations is a sign of spiritual maturity.



  • OWN your power of Free Will – We always have a choice. We choose the outcome and we alone control the overall energy of our surroundings. Choose a neutral frequency and feel the changes around you.


Learn how to respect others free will and yours will be respected! Wanting to help others according to our perspective of life (belief system) or opinion is a violation of others free will. We cannot change others, ever! It is not our job to do so. We can only “show” others by example on how to help themselves.


The major secret to a good and fulfilling life is to focus on self-transformation and purpose of existence. Just BE yourself, follow your passion, your dreams and enrich the world with your presence!


  • The Neutral state of Being – There is no Good or Bad only frequencies and their respective functionalities. There are no “problems” or “obstacles”, only lessons to be learned, blockages to be released, and inner fears to be conquered. Once we learn how to trust the synchronicity of the Universal flow, we realize that each “difficulty” was nothing but a practice of detachment and spiritual growth. Letting go is the hardest lesson, but also one of the most important ones.


Everything is exactly how it is supposed to BE. Trust the Higher Consciousness and the Universal balance, always! Every moment is an opportunity for growth, one step closer to your inner freedom, and transformation. The up’s and the down’s always serve a higher purpose.



  • Let go of your comfort Zone. No mistake is the biggest mistake of all.


The true purpose of life is not to stay safe, and in control of everything. That is our “golden cage” or what we call the fear matrix. Evolution or inner growth is not possible. The purpose of life is quite the opposite. Life is a leap of faith. To learn something new every day, and always push the boundaries a little further. That is how we expand the Universe by our new experiences. We break the cycles!


Never be afraid to get hurt, because it only means that you have lived and tried. “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

― Thomas A. Edison



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