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The paradox of the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction has been one of the most popular New Age “rediscoveries”. It promised to solve every problem and transforms our life’s at will. Did it really? Turns out when it comes to its practice, a few important principles of physics were “forgotten”.


Its main concept is that “like attracts like”. Positive thinking attracts positive outcomes and so on. We each attract our most intimate desires (or fears), like-minded people, if we focus hard enough. We can attract wealth, love, health, and whatever we may wish for. Even Einstein referred that “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”


However, according to Coulomb’s law of physics, or Coulomb’s inverse-square law, regarding the interacting force between static electrically charged particles: “The force of interaction between the charges is attractive if the charges are opposite signed and repulsive if like signed”, which means: like repel like and opposites attract. …So which is it?


Personally, when I first hear of the Law of Attraction, I was fascinated. I practiced it as much as I could, and felt a bit frustrated when it came to results. After a while, and a lot of hard thinking on the matter, I have come to realized how our subconscious plays a big role in the process. As long as fear rules our mindset and reactions, that is exactly what we get. Therefore the importance of positive thinking, self-love above all and our personal faith. The truth is it doesn’t make all “negative” situations and people disappear, but instead it gives us inner strength to feel the difference and walk out of it by choice and free will. It empowers us!


So how does it connect and interact with the Coulomb’s law? Its main purpose is how both charges (negative electrons and positive charged protons) combined result in a neutral charge. Another way to put it is, if we combine both “sides”, it becomes One. They cancel each other out and another “reality” manifests, the balance. Isn’t that what the Unity dimension is actually about?


Maybe what the Law of Attraction regards is how to be neutral and obtain full inner balance. Neither in positive thinking nor negative, but beyond duality, and judgment. Maybe it describes a new dimension, one we are still trying to reach and comprehend.  In this sense neutral would attract neutral, higher consciousness would attract more higher consciousnesses. Then we can easily understand how neutral mind states such as during meditation, or even how group meditations of Love intentions do affect our planet, humanity and our own DNA.


This would definitely prove how Love is a neutral energy, the essence of the primordial Consciousness and the Source.


Eli de Lemos

The next big step

Our spiritual journey never ends. There is always a new step ahead, a new challenge. What is the next step?


Congratulations to all reading this piece. You have all come a long way, overcoming tremendous resistances, questioning your faith and believes countless times. You have survived, stronger than ever. This is the path, of consciousness and evolution, beyond words, rational limitations, beyond the wildest imagination.


We have achieved something truly remarkable and extraordinary, we are now a collective consciousness, a much united humanity. For the most of us, our main goals are no longer individual successes, but a peaceful and loving society, equal and better rights for all living beings. We may not “see” it yet in every corner, but we can feel it in our hearts! It is happening!


We have learned the importance of Unity. We can grasp its knowledge, each of us adding and sharing our unique perspectives to achieve such state globally, together, as ONE. There is still work to be done. Individually, we are still not fully aware of all implications and basic conditions, we are still unconsciously holding onto fear, to what “it’s still wrong in this world”.  As long as something or someone irritates us, or breaks our hopeful hearts, as long as we perceive experiences in terms of right or wrong, light or darkness, we have not fully compromised with the Unity dimension.


The next step is the biggest leap of faith. Trust the universe, trust the Higher Consciousness, our Creator. Trust that there is no duality, no judgment, and no inner and outer battles to be fought. We must rise above, “match the frequency we want” to experience and the reality we want to manifest. Remember how every challenge is a lesson, a transitory frequency to achieve a higher outcome. We peace for peace, we love for love, we do not get there by forcing others to choose sides….there are no sides, there is no separation!


Stepping into the Unity Consciousness, means to accept all, no questions asked, no judgement of any kind. Understand how everything serves a higher purpose. There are no exceptions!


Every time we feel stuck, stagnated or feeling pressured and anxious, our mental instinct direct us immediately to: “what is wrong with me” or “what did I do wrong?” We must embrace all feelings and emotions, as signs to our present condition and frequency and nothing more.


We are waves of energy, constantly changing in frequency, we are not flat lines! Nothing is permanent other than our impermanence. We oscillate in frequency, we contract and expand, it is our natural state.  Understand this, and you are ready for the next step, and to transcend into the next dimension, just waiting for you.


Eli de Lemos

I am


Define yourself in two words: “I am!”


I am a human; I am physical. I am energy, I am soul and heart in pure form. What I am today, is not what I was yesterday, and tomorrow might not be.


Who we are does not define us. We are anything and everything we wish to be. With no separation or limitations, we are pure manifestation power, timeless, infinite and forever changing. We are most of all: energy!


Self-definition and labelling is nothing more than a rational prison sentence. It diminishes our true nature, and could only reflect a minor truth of self, the tip of the iceberg, if not less. We are so much more than a name, a body, or a personality.


Our nature is transformation. What and how you were when you first started reading this article is not the same as you will be by the time you finish it. Information, knowledge, inner guidance, transform us, and we are constantly bombarded at every second of our conscious existence. We learn, we absorb, we expand inwards.


What is this need for definition? Why do we feel so compelled to limit ourselves every time? Why do we feel so lost without it? And why not instead embrace the no-form, the all-forms, all that we were, are and will become? It is because we still let our rational mind do most of the thinking, in limited logic and lack of imagination, the fear for the unknown. It is because we still are not use to just FEEL from the Heart consciousness, accept our eternity, and fill the space of our spiritual being!


What we are is always by choice. We choose to restrain ourselves, the same way we can choose our freedom. We are our own Creators!


“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”― Albert Einstein


Eli de Lemos

Perfection in the Imperfect

Perfection seems to be the common goal, the perfect body, the perfect life, the perfect world. The more we pursuit it, the more unsatisfied and unhappy we are, with ourselves and the world around us. What if this “perfection” we long for is nothing more than an unachievable and unrealistic desire?


Does perfection exists? If so, could it co-exist with the ever-flowing evolution? If perfection is mankind’s idea of an ultimate state of harmony and purpose of existence, then Evolution would no longer occur. In an infinite universe (multiverse), that would make no sense. Most probably, it is our concept of perfection which is incorrect and misdirected.


To achieve perfection as we believe in it, it is like living the future in the now. It just cannot be done.


The basic notion that we need to constantly improve ourselves, be better, be more then, is the main cause of all human unsatisfaction and mental/emotional suffering. If we must improve it is because we are obviously not good enough.


When we shift our perception, from the rational mind to the Heart Consciousness, it is has if we are re-born into a parallel world. A different dimension of life in harmony, where the purpose of existence is no longer to become something else, to chase anything, but simply to just BE, what and who we are at the first place.


In this universe, within our multiverse, perfection is not a goal, it is what we are, exactly as we already are. We come to life as perfect and unique Beings and universal consciousness manifestations.


Plants, trees, flowers, rocks etc., are all different from one another, and shine through their authenticity, not worrying or wishing to be like the other. There is beauty in all and each one. Like the water flow, all possible obstacles are overcome by acceptance and not by resistance of essence.


True perfection lies within the imperfect.


Imperfection in other words is uniqueness, originality and infinity in action. From a higher consciousness perception, to be imperfect is to be different, to be real, and a unique possibility of perceiving the world. Beyond right or wrong, good or bad, no imperfections are the same. We are all perfect specimens of imperfection, probabilities of infinite manifestations and unique by nature.


Evolution then gains a new and more powerful insight. It is not about transformation or transcendence, unless we are caterpillars and transformation is already in our nature code, it is embracing our inner essence and accepting our new existence form.


We do not need to better ourselves, just look within and find the perfection of self, ever present by Source.


Eli de Lemos

The Universal Equilibrium

Nothing in the universe, or multiverse, is created randomly. There is an equilibrium ever present, connecting all things in a higher field of Consciousness and self-manifestation. Everything is interconnected. There are no isolated systems in reality.


As such, our perception of separation of matter is only an illusion. If we perceive things from its form, we may believe there is an end, a limit, a separation between all things. Like the human body and its skin, the border line from where body ends and outer space begins.


Our concept of balance, is based upon a scale, consisting of two separate and opposing plates in significance. It may apply under a micro perspective of consciousness, but it is completely inaccurate when it comes to an overall standpoint, from a higher consciousness level.


When it comes to energy, and energy is everything there is, the only variations are measured in terms of frequencies, which gives us the illusion of forms and shapes, colors and states of matter (solid, liquid, etc.), but still and nevertheless, just energy.


“If you wanted to find something that connects all things, what would it be? Space. Even the so-called “material” world we live in is made of 99.99999…% space.”

The Resonance Project


For every existing matter (+), there is a corresponding anti-matter (-), for every positive, there is a negative. For every feminine energy manifestation (v), a masculine correspondent (^), for each entropy, a syntropy. That is how the overall balance maintains itself in equilibrium, not separate but as complementing parts of the whole, and eternally bonded to each other’s variations.


The Law or Principle of Polarity states that “Everything is Dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.” – The Kybalion.



In practical terms, we may “see” a lot of “evil” in the world right now, but that should also remind us of the “good” that it’s balancing it out, if one could actually think in terms of good vs bad. Good or bad is a matter of interpretation, only, and a very judgmental one, I may add. We would better serve humanity if we substitute it once and for all with low and high vibrations.



There are many sides to this Universal Equilibrium, as it applies to all realities and possible (infinite) manifestations.  One that we currently struggle with, our natural evolution as an energetic being and Consciousness upgrade, what the “New Age” movement refers as Ascension.


There is undoubtedly an inner syntropy happening both individually and globally, the returning to the Source, and Love Consciousness. Each co-evolving at their own pace, individually, but still affecting and contributing to the global field, the Collective Consciousness.


As much as a single individual might want to evolve exponentially and exceed the average, the universal Correspondence law does not permit such disparity. “As above, so below” “As within, so without”. Individually, as much as we can evolve inwards, it must always be in coherence with the outer energy, so it does not endanger the overall balance. We grow in unison, as an individual consciousness and its environment, together as One.


In this magnificent dance of ever growing enlightenment, we learn and we share, we achieve and wait for others to join us. Like musical notes, of different wavelengths together composing a symphony, and transcending their individual abilities.


Eli de Lemos

The truth about Ascension

Ascension, activations or natural universal evolution? For some years, and more specifically since 2012 and its reference in the Mayan calendar, this is one of the most debated and explored subjects. Has a new age trend, the race for ascension began ruthlessly. Instead of uniting mankind, as it should, it somehow separated us even more. New types of discriminations arose, vegans versus meat eaters, spiritualists versus materialists, spirituality versus  old science and religion, not mention the variety of new systems of believes and theories, and their brutal competition for supporters. This is not spirituality!


When transcending into Love, to higher dimensions, there is no judgment, and no inner feeling of superiority, these are two of the major signs of the illusion of ascension. There is no logic or reason to feel superior to others or more enlightened by knowledge. On the contrary, the more we truly learn, the smallest we feel, as with understanding comes this overwhelming feeling of simplicity and humility. We are tiny in the universal scale and yet we are fundamentally a part of it.


Another very dangerous and common reference is the “right spiritual path” or the “wrong path”. Once again, the presence of judgment and duality. The spiritual path is Life. We are all spiritual beings, each on its own path, always subsequent to the higher Self spiritual learning experience. There is no separation, there is no “wrong” path, only the Path.


Ascension might just be a trendy word to reveal our everyday spiritual evolution. What are we ascending from, and for what purpose? In other words, we are evolving vibrational and dimensionally from a lower state of consciousness into a higher plane. This is something we have been doing all our lives, every day, by learning how to be a better person, and a wiser being for self and others. Ascension doesn’t implicate a different space, but rather a shift from an outer perspective into the inner consciousness, the Source within. The only difference is that now the shift is universal, and the frequency upgrade is amplified and affecting us all, collectively. This is the shift into Unity, the Collective Consciousness state, and just another natural step in the ladder of the universal evolution, the syntropic cycle.


Many will debate by the mention of a fear based matrix, we are all currently energetically trapped by. Although I do not deny its existence, and attempt of control, I must emphasize our spiritual right of Free Will. As long as there is free will, there is a way out, an option, a chance to transform and embrace Love. If we were irreversibly imprisoned, we would have no options. Energy can never be destroyed, only transformed.  It can be used and harness but never erased, furthermore as long as there is a consciousness behind it, as in our case.


The basic point is that nature is taking its course, in its own pace. Evolution is inevitable, but it must flow naturally and not be rushed. There are physical and mental risks in rushing into higher frequencies without a proper body, mind and emotional adaptation and stability. We will certainly feel when that moment comes, it is memorable to say the least. And it all just happens spontaneously, while we progress in our ability to Love and accept the universe exactly has it is.


That is why I am not in favor of ascension techniques, or activation rituals. Our body, DNA, Higher Heart (Timmus), Pineal Gland and higher chakras, will “activate” themselves naturally, once we reach the correct inner frequency level. Like any machine that when submitted into higher energies than what it was meant to support, will be destroyed from inside out, and burnout. There are harmful techniques we should avoid but there are also some helpful empowering methods. There are holistic systems such as Reiki for example, which teach us about universal Love, how to take better self-care, and reassume our responsibility in self-healing. What we can and should do is forgive and detach, find our inner purpose and mission, meditate daily, ground ourselves and Love, love it all. Like water, it needs no activation to purify, just be loved. Love is the answer, the gate for transcendence and interdimensionality.


Eli de Lemos

The color of Love is NOT Red

From the color spectrum Red is the lowest vibrational manifestation. Is that how we consider our love to be?


Colors are energy, specific frequencies, each correspondent to a vibrational level or (sub) dimension. If we include to the known physically visible seven colors electromagnetic or visible light spectrum, the colors of the rainbow, the black, the absence of color, and the white, the sum of all colors, in total there are nine. Black and white are not colors per se, as they both carry no wavelengths, but nevertheless are parts of the whole.


Red is the color of passion, desire, lust and sexuality. The color of Mars (the red planet), the roman god of war, the symbol of male energy supremacy, strength, rage, anger, and action.  Red is the color of blood.


“The color red is an intense color that is packed with emotion ranging from passionate, intense love to anger and violence — representing both cupid and the devil.” – Jennifer Bourn (



The visible red light has a wavelength of about 650 nm (nanometers), the longest and slowest wavelengths of the spectrum, therefore also its lowest vibrational energy level.


From a spiritual perspective, Red is the color of the basic Chakra, the Root chakra. It symbolizes life, vitality, physical strength, stability and security, the physical nature of man, grounding and the most primitive physical and emotional survival. The major blockers of this chakra are fear and anxiety.


If we understand love as a physical need of survival, which in fact is sexually based or demonstrative of lack of self-love (inner-love), love as a product of desire and need, than red is its correspondent color. It creates a fear based love, limited by expectations and susceptible to ego oscillations. In a highly spiritual sense, true love is not need nor lust, but our natural essence, a pure state of balance, peace and connection with Source, and the Source itself.


If we must choose a more appropriate color for universal Love, the unconditional Love, white would be its best spiritual option. The “color” of all there is, the representative of divine presence and spirit, purity and infinity, because Love is All there is.


From the spectrum range, from the healing perspective, the complement of Red is Green, the combination calms down raging passions, anger, and balances emotions. Green is the color of balance and harmony, an equilibrium between Heart and emotions, rational mind and intuitive Heart consciousness.


Since always, green has been synonymous of growth, renewal and rebirth, and fertility. In paganism, the “Green Man” is a symbol of fertility.  In Muslim countries, it is considered a holy color. In Ireland, the color of good luck. In the Ming dynasty it was the color of the heavens. Green is also the color of life, spring, and nature. It is an emotionally positive color, reinforcing self-love and self-nurturing, as well as others unconditionally. Green is the color of the Heart Chakra, the bridges between the physical and the spiritual realms, the connection to Love Source, empathy, and real compassion.


The color green carries amazing healing powers and is the most restful and relaxing color to the human eye. It enhances vision, stability and endurance. It is pacifying, and relaxing by essence. Green physically alleviates anxiety, depression, and emotional edginess. Green also brings a sense of hope, health, and renewal. Green symbolizes the master healer and the life force.

green love

There are no “good” colors or “bad” colors. Each color serves a purpose, a determined functional frequency. I believe it is important that we understand the meaning behind each color, before we accept any interpretational associations blindly.


Eli de Lemos

What IS

There are no certainties anymore. We now live in a moment where all is questioned and rephrased. In a way, this marks one of the major turning points in human consciousness, we finally have the courage and intellect to correct and complete our knowledge, moving forward into unknown territories. At the other hand, there are no certainties, no ultimate truths to hold on to.


When we analyze the facts and put all new discoveries together, we can conclude that nearly everything we think and feel as real is only an illusion. Space is a hologram, a 3D projection of a 2D blueprint. Time does not exist, and may just be a measurement of a holographic space “we” have created. Our Earth may be flat instead of round, as believed for centuries. Our origin as a human species may have been genetically modified and created from a far more advanced extra-terrestrial civilization. What is real? Where is the truth?


“Everything you’ve learned in school as “obvious” becomes less and less obvious as you begin to study the universe. For example, there are no solids in the universe. There’s not even a suggestion of a solid. There are no absolute continuums. There are no surfaces. There are no straight lines.” – Buckminster Fuller


The only thing we know for sure is that we exist, we are “here”, wherever and whatever that means. We can feel the Life within our veins, even if nothing is solid and our body is just a matter of frequencional manifestation, we are energy. That is the only truth! We also know from the Heart Intelligence, from the Source, that this Energy Force is Love. We are Love, we manifest Love, we create more love as we live.


“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”― Albert Einstein


If nothing is certain then surely Einstein was correct all along, in that reality is only imagination, and that it is only what is real and the source of creation of all we perceive as reality. Imagination is indeed far greater and more relevant then knowledge. Anything can be created, anything can happen, there are no limits, only an infinity of probabilities.


Putting things into a human perspective, we spend our lives, and time that doesn’t exist, in worrying about small details and realities that are not real. Energy cannot be wasted, but are we really living up to our universal gifts? Or are we spiraling in irrelevant illusions, chasing our own tails? The main question of our existence and where our focus should be is why do we exist? What am I supposed to be “here” for?  Anything else is insignificant.


Eli de Lemos

The “search” for Love

We are creatures of Love, in search for love! All our lives are aimed for this particular quest. Since birth, we seek the love connection with our parents, and closest family. Later on our friendships, romantic partners, our own children…so is the cycle.


We thrive from this bond of trust and complicity. We begin to embrace the importance of Unity, interdependency, how together we are stronger and happier.


As Buddha as taught us, our love capacity is not complete if it does not include ourselves. It is indeed too common that through our lives we give all our focus and love to the well-being and comfort of others, at the expenses of our own. The lesson is clear, love includes self-care first. If we neglect ourselves, how good is what we have to offer? If we do not love ourselves, the only love we know is conditional, selective and imperfect.


When we search for true romantic love, for that better half who will complete us, most of the times we are not even aware of what we are looking for.  If we search for love for the sake of being loved, then we certainly do not love ourselves and do not know love at all. How can we find something we do not know? We don’t, we get illusions instead.


Finding love can never be based upon need, fear or inner emptiness.  We find and attract what we emotionally emit, and so need attracts need, fear attracts more fear. To attract real love we must be Love, the love for ourselves, for life, after all everything is always a matter of frequencies, the correct frequencies.


We may even cross paths with our soul mate at some point, but we can only recognize them, or be recognized, if correctly tuned into the love frequency. Fear wear us like a mask, and makes us unrecognizable, to ourselves and others. As long as we “wear” our fears, our defense mechanism and masks, and illusory limitations, true love will not find us.


For that reason, most of the times we feel we are “in love” with someone, we are actually in love with the idea of love, with a fairytale of our creation, which with time dissolves and turns back into reality. “How could I have been so wrong about that person?”, “Why didn’t I realized it before?” We “see” what we want to see, to serve our needs, our mental traps and escapes of inner lacks.


There is nothing wrong with being alone for some time. It is one of the most beneficial and rewarding moments we can have. We learn to focus on self, love ourselves, accept us for who we are in essence. Choosing to be alone for a while, doesn’t mean we will be lonely, or alone for the rest of our lives. It means it is time to rest, to learn and embrace the most beautiful and important relationship of all, with ourselves. Once we manage that, we will know true love and be able to embark in a lifelong relationship with other. There will be no more need, despair or fear. Only then, we will truly understand Love was never lost, just misplaced, for learning purposes. We can never really lose what gives us life, who we are in essence, what we are made of.


Eli de Lemos

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