“Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles Gender; manifests on all planes.” — The Kybalion


“These energies are two aspects of One. Therefore, they are not actually opposed or dual; they are one; they are two sides of energy.” – Helder de Andrade

Feminine Energy: the contraction (Syntropy)

The feminine energy represents the cradle, the energy source from which comes all life, and to which it returns. It is our union with the eternal Love, the unmistakable and and unique motherly love. Represents our most emotive, and introspective side of Self, the contraction of physical being into its energetic essence, its connection to the root, our always present umbilical cord with the Universal Consciousness.


Energy masculine: the Expansion (entropy)

The masculine energy is its opposite. Represents all our power of manifestation, of creation. Is externalization, extroversion and the projection of Being. The Consciousness expanded to outside of itself, in order to visualize and feel in all its diversity and creativity. Is the practical aspect of the source, directional and objective, clear and rational, what we see with our eyes, feel with our hands, it is the physical universe.


Feminine and masculine forms


the chalice female symbol the blade male
The Chalice – The downward pointing triangle; the symbol of water, and the womb. One of the most ancient symbols of female divinity The Blade – The upward moving triangle; a symbol of aspiration or rising up, male force, and fire. Phallic in origin, represents aspiration, rising force, and the male principal.


female and male vortexes


Vortex Higher Self Portal – Masculine Vortex (Expansion of being to the Cosmos)

Vortex Crown – Female Vortex (inner connection with the source, contraction)

Vortex Brow (Third Eye) – Female Vortex (Communication with the source, intuition; contraction)

Vortex Throat – Female Vortex (Communication with the inner self, Introspection – Honesty; contraction)

Vortex Solar Plexus – Masculine Vortex (Expansion of Being, action and courage)

Vortex Sacral (sexual) – Masculine Vortex (expansion of social being)

Vortex Physical Root – Masculine Vortex (Individual Identity, Physical being)

Vortex Energetic Root – Female Vortex (inner connection with heart, contraction)

Vortex Gaia Portal – Female Vortex (connection with Gaia; contraction)



Left hand is feminine – Right hand is masculine

Whenever sending energy, always match the feminine hand with the feminine vortexes, and masculine hand with the masculine vortexes. The energy flows much better this way!