On a daily basis, and because we are surrounded by all sorts of electromagnetic radiations, and living within a microwave cage, we must be alert to which are more harmful, which to avoid for our own safety and health.


The major key for a health life is prevention and self-awareness!

Remember: Knowledge is power!


In this video, please note how the light bulbs used in Selenite tower lamps or even the Himalayan Salt Lamps, which are supposed to be completely harmless and beneficial to our health, and used by many therapists worldwide, also emit dirty electricity and EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequencies) radiations. Some bulbs even emit radiation when turned off.


Therefore, Satori Rei recommends rethinking your daily habits: turn off all electrical gadgets at night; never sleep with your mobile on, or next to you; turn off your Wi-Fi at night, etc. These are the simple things one can do and that does make a difference! Your health and body will appreciate it!