Cho Ku Rei Experiment description

This experiment was inspired by Dr. Masaru Emoto Rice Experiment, which served to prove without a doubt how words have their own frequency and can influence matter. Following the same logic, this time regarding the different shapes and activation geometries of the Cho Ku Rei symbol, taught on the second level of any Reiki system, the symbol of empowerment, the power symbol, which boosts the reiki flow. I have always question why there were different ways to draw it, as one it its activation techniques is supposedly the correct way to draw.


Furthermore, before I studied and became a Reiki Master Teacher, I studied Naturopathic, including acupuncture, Chi kung, and several other oriental techniques, and it was still present in my mind that energy to be fully activated should be handled from “the top to the bottom, from left to right”, and I surely never forgot it.


Eventually, after searching for some satisfactory answers, I discovered that the Cho Ku Rei draw from left to right was empowering, but from right to left served the opposite function: to disperse energy and weaken the excess. Only a few manifested to know this, and pass it correctly to their students, while most went along with the most popular, but not correct explanation, which depended on which hemisphere of the world one would be at.


The confirmation came, without question, with the WuXing. The base of all oriental techniques and philosophies, the cycle of all creation and generation, the Five Elements, Five Phases, the Five Agents, the Five Movements, Five Processes, the Five Steps/Stages. Indeed, the empowerment vortex is clockwise, and its opposite is the weaken or destruction vortex pattern; The Wax on / Wax Off effect. It became, in my opinion, extremely imperative to understand its correct use and functionality, for all to learn.


On the meantime, during the experiment, precisely at day 4, which happened on the 30th of June 2017, a friend of mine, and student at the time, decided to film it and we encountered something completely unexpected. There were orbs all around the cups. Orbs we assume has entities, or multidimensional beings. In this case, these entities seemed to be drowned to the cups, or came out of them, and from that point the experiment results were tampered.


Still the images speak louder than words, and has all can see the first symbol, taught in the “traditional” reiki is the one which rotten first. I rather you take your own conclusions.

The impertinent question became: do the reiki symbols invoke entities?

I believe that to be much more disturbing. Personally, I stopped using all symbols after this. I am doing much better now!

eli de Lemos

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