Aura Cleansing Satori Rei


1ST Step- We start from the top to the bottom, from the Higher Self Portal Vortex to the feet, the Gaia Portal Vortex, from the outside, the neutral torus. Scooping the energy with the palm of our hands downwards;




2ND Step- From the feet we raise the energy, like holding water, upwards the Prana channel into the Heart Source, for cleansing;




3rd Step- From the Heart Source, we rise with palms up, into to the Higher Self Portal Vortex, into the Prana channel, cleansing the female torus.




4TH Step- Downwards the vortex Higher Self Portal through the Prana Channel, with palms down pushing the energy back into the Heart Source;




5th Step- From the Heart Source with palms down into the knees, the Energetic Root Vortex, cleansing the male torus;

aura cleasing paulinho


6th Step- From the Energetic Root Vortex we ascent back up through the Prana channel into the Heart Source;

ac 2

paulinho 3


aura cleansing satori


REPEAT ALL STEPS 3 TIMES for full reactivation of our electromagnetic field from the HEART SOURCE.