We should forever remain in the age of wonder. Make room for our curious inner child, want to know more, try to reach higher grounds and just maybe discover the answers never revealed, thus honoring our uniqueness!


We only learn when we want to know more, when we are open to the new. When curiosity encourages our actions and propels us toward adventure. Curiosity is Vitality, giving life to those who trust it.


Questioning is perhaps a form of therapy, a self-psychoanalysis, which gives us back the power and responsibility of our own general stability, emotional and physical by order of manifestation.


“Why do I feel sad?” Since sadness is only a frequency, a (temporary) emotional state, an indicator of an emotional frequency, “what is this sadness trying to tell me?” Here lies the real question and the mystery of its functionality, the solution to the momentum and the action (conscious and not purely reactive) entropic act, of an illusory chaos that in reality only seeks the balance of its Whole, that will restore the original condition.


One needs to have the courage to ask, because most of the answers will not be to our liking at a first glance. It is not a matter of pleasing the ego, but of coming out of the cocoon and evolving in consciousness. One must be prepared to grow, to experience new perspectives, to explore new horizons, and to create new worlds.


More importantly, one must admit being wrong to acknowledge the humility of knowing nothing to be able to grow!


Every child loves to learn, every healthy child who holds that purity of soul from wanting to “add” something of his own to the world. And it is not naivety, it is the Principle of Life!


eli de Lemos