Good and Evil only lies at the perspective of the observer and storyteller.


It is, therefore, a mathematical variable. An “X” that marks the spot for improvement, to a better judgement: Neutrality!


It is energy, nevertheless, an imbalance imposed into our natural state of Being. A matrix of constant distress and adrenaline, the eight or eighty, all or nothing, a “no” for now but a “maybe” for later.


From the primordial Neutral state, the Source singularity, polarization was “born”, and given “Space” and Time” to play!


And so the “positive” and “negative” came to Life, along with their better synonyms, the “male” and “female” energy types, the Oxygen and Hydrogen of primordial waters!


The “Ground” was set for Life, and Manifestation began, allowing all sorts of creations.


The truth is that in every existing thing, Being, or Consciousness, lies every possibility, all poles, and its conjunction – Its Neutral Field. We are all in One, and One in all, after all!


Everything we do can be undone, and recreated at our Will, …apart from some temporary technical difficulties we are experiencing at the current timeframe, “Time – Matrix”.


We eternally wave within the “poles”, learning, recreating alternatives. It is we who create the rules, define the set ground  and its baselines; For we are Creators of the on-going matrix flow.


Good and Evil are nothing but electromagnetic illusions, with a purpose to influence our manifestation, confuse us and keep us blindly controlled within the “black box”.


It is only an illusion, a Program. Not based in our natural state of co-creation or natural reality.


Energy is always pure and clear of judgement; Energy only serves to Purpose and functionality.



Eli de Lemos