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June 2017

Communication, Life’s Essence

The higher bound between all “particles”, our most inner connection, what unites us all, it is Communication! In a “reality” of disconnection and separation, learning how we communicate from the deepest levels and use it wisely (conscientiously), it’s of vital importance.


We regard communication has an exchange of “words”, which started with just sounds, and soon developed into more complexe structures: sentences, messages… wider purposes.  No dear ones, our most basic and significant communication is energy!




We already know how our energy always precedes our physical presence. It is actually our “aura”, our electromagnetic field we project. But not only! We also communicate by Thought and mostly by Intention. The utmost harmonious communication demands highly conscious choices, such has Honesty, a complete transparency in our Intention and energy! Nobody said it was easy!


Honesty, alongside with a practical knowledge of Empathy, Kindness, and Compassion, is a major key of the process, a vital element. So, the first thing in our agendas is: Stop lying to ourselves! We’ve gotten so caught up in the “white lies” game, we’ve forgotten honesty and its valuable lesson. It starts with us, from within, only we can break the cycle. Then, naturally we will stop feeling the need to lie to others, to protect ourselves. It’s a vicious circle.


To allow that metamorphosis we must embrace our fears, “grab the bull by the horns” gently, as they too, our fears, bring a message from within. They speak about our blockages, our inner and subconscious resistances, they help us to move forward and grow, but with caution!


For energy, there is no right or wrong, good or bad, there is only (neutral) purpose, an Intention! This is the message we send to the outer world, the “others”, the reality we create, the multiverse, our feed-forward!


Once more, because it starts with us, it is our responsibility to guarantee a pure Intention. We create the cycle. Our common words, and compulsive thoughts send out energy too, so we must always be alert and conscious of the frequency we emit.




Every communication has a sender and a receiver, although frequently the roles are exchanged, as to be a fruitful conversation, and knowledge sharer. Our universal conversation, or our connection with the Source, also have a sender (our Intention) and a receiver (our Intuition).  Intuition is therefore the language of the Source, and the message from the Source (the outer world, the “others”, the multiverse) to us, the feedback! This is how we empower ourselves, our most intimate communication, self-Love.


The natural cycle of Creation and Love, the feedforward and feedback, expansion and contraction, entropy and syntropy, is preserved on a daily basis from our ability to inner communicate, while sharing the knowledge with the “others”. So is the process to empower others, and ourselves as a Collective Consciousness.


Giving and Receiving is a natural cycle of empowerment. Another major element for our evolution as a species, as part of a more evolved and conscious “Humanity”, and for everything beyond the veil of Space and Time. But first, we have to understand an essential basis, which has so often escaped our attention, that in order to give we must  have the “glass overflowing”, and for this to be possible we must first receive, not from each other but directly from the Source, of the Individual Singularity of each one, the Heart! Without this small but very important correction we continue to drain energy from each other, like unconscious energy vampires. Remember the H2O (Satori Rei) technique, two doses of Gratitude for one of Love, which can also be translated by receiving double (one to keep us healthy and in balance, and another to share) and give once, one at the time! Everything has its correct balance, even to “give & receive”.


The best visual description I have encountered so far is one of the scenes from the movie “Celestine Prophecy”. May it be our constant reminder of how we can change the world!


Eli de Lemos





Good & Evil Program – Transcending

Good and Evil only lies at the perspective of the observer and storyteller. It is, therefore, a mathematical variable. An “X” that marks the spot for improvement, to a better judgement – Neutrality! It is energy, nevertheless, an imbalance imposed into our natural state of Being. A matrix of constant distress and adrenaline, the eight or eighty, all or nothing. And what a way to keep us busy!


 From the primordial Neutral state, the Source singularity, polarization was “born”, and given “Space” and “Time” to play! And the “negative” and “positive” came to Life, along with their better synonyms, the “female” and “male” energies, the Hydrogen and Oxygen of primordial waters! The “Ground” was set for Life, and Manifestation began, allowing all sorts of creations.



The truth is that in every existing thing, Being, or Consciousness, lies every possibility, all poles, and its conjunction – Its Neutral Field. We eternally wave within the “poles”, learning, recreating alternatives. It is we who create the rules, define the set ground and its baselines; For we are Creators of the on-going matrix flow. Yes, we can choose sides, one side and get stuck in only one small perspective of a universe of infinity, (… what a waste of “time” and “space” of existence), or we can transcend the “little game”, graduate from kindergarten and grow up to full potential.


Good and Evil scientifically do NOT exist! Pure and simple! What does exist is negative & positive, female & male, electromagnetic forces with specific purposes and functionalities, of expansion and contraction, entropy & syntropy.


The good and evil concept was created to influence our manifestation, confuse us and keep us controlled within the “black box”, a current FAKE energetic matrix that blinds us through trust in fake and unconscious agreements named “faith” and spiritual “higher” missions, keeping us in a perpetual dormant state of hypnosis while using us to create reality at their will, serving nothing but an A.I. agenda, which is the reason why everything that it’s happening and is already planned is against life (life force = vitality = Consciousness).


It is only an illusion, a Program. Not based in our natural state of co-creation or natural reality. Energy is always pure and clear of judgement. Energy only serves to Life with neutral purpose and functionality.




eli de Lemos 





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