Define yourself in two words: “I am!”


I am a human; I am physical. I am energy, I am soul and heart in pure form. What I am today, is not what I was yesterday, and tomorrow might not be.


Who we are does not define us. We are anything and everything we wish to be. With no separation or limitations, we are pure manifestation power, timeless, infinite and forever changing. We are most of all: energy!


Self-definition and labelling is nothing more than a rational prison sentence. It diminishes our true nature, and could only reflect a minor truth of self, the tip of the iceberg, if not less. We are so much more than a name, a body, or a personality.


Our nature is transformation. What and how you were when you first started reading this article is not the same as you will be by the time you finish it. Information, knowledge, inner guidance, transform us, and we are constantly bombarded at every second of our conscious existence. We learn, we absorb, we expand inwards.


What is this need for definition? Why do we feel so compelled to limit ourselves every time? Why do we feel so lost without it? And why not instead embrace the no-form, the all-forms, all that we were, are and will become? It is because we still let our rational mind do most of the thinking, in limited logic and lack of imagination, the fear for the unknown. It is because we still are not use to just FEEL from the Heart consciousness, accept our eternity, and fill the space of our spiritual being!


What we are is always by choice. We choose to restrain ourselves, the same way we can choose our freedom. We are our own Creators!


“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”― Albert Einstein


Eli de Lemos