Perfection seems to be the common goal, the perfect body, the perfect life, the perfect world. The more we pursuit it, the more unsatisfied and unhappy we are, with ourselves and the world around us. What if this “perfection” we long for is nothing more than an unachievable and unrealistic desire?


Does perfection exists? If so, could it co-exist with the ever-flowing evolution? If perfection is mankind’s idea of an ultimate state of harmony and purpose of existence, then Evolution would no longer occur. In an infinite universe (multiverse), that would make no sense. Most probably, it is our concept of perfection which is incorrect and misdirected.


To achieve perfection as we believe in it, it is like living the future in the now. It just cannot be done.


The basic notion that we need to constantly improve ourselves, be better, be more then, is the main cause of all human unsatisfaction and mental/emotional suffering. If we must improve it is because we are obviously not good enough.


When we shift our perception, from the rational mind to the Heart Consciousness, it is has if we are re-born into a parallel world. A different dimension of life in harmony, where the purpose of existence is no longer to become something else, to chase anything, but simply to just BE, what and who we are at the first place.


In this universe, within our multiverse, perfection is not a goal, it is what we are, exactly as we already are. We come to life as perfect and unique Beings and universal consciousness manifestations.


Plants, trees, flowers, rocks etc., are all different from one another, and shine through their authenticity, not worrying or wishing to be like the other. There is beauty in all and each one. Like the water flow, all possible obstacles are overcome by acceptance and not by resistance of essence.


True perfection lies within the imperfect.


Imperfection in other words is uniqueness, originality and infinity in action. From a higher consciousness perception, to be imperfect is to be different, to be real, and a unique possibility of perceiving the world. Beyond right or wrong, good or bad, no imperfections are the same. We are all perfect specimens of imperfection, probabilities of infinite manifestations and unique by nature.


Evolution then gains a new and more powerful insight. It is not about transformation or transcendence, unless we are caterpillars and transformation is already in our nature code, it is embracing our inner essence and accepting our new existence form.


We do not need to better ourselves, just look within and find the perfection of self, ever present by Source.


Eli de Lemos