From the color spectrum Red is the lowest vibrational manifestation. Is that how we consider our love to be?


Colors are energy, specific frequencies, each correspondent to a vibrational level or (sub) dimension. If we include to the known physically visible seven colors electromagnetic or visible light spectrum, the colors of the rainbow, the black, the absence of color, and the white, the sum of all colors, in total there are nine. Black and white are not colors per se, as they both carry no wavelengths, but nevertheless are parts of the whole.


Red is the color of passion, desire, lust and sexuality. The color of Mars (the red planet), the roman god of war, the symbol of male energy supremacy, strength, rage, anger, and action.  Red is the color of blood.


“The color red is an intense color that is packed with emotion ranging from passionate, intense love to anger and violence — representing both cupid and the devil.” – Jennifer Bourn (



The visible red light has a wavelength of about 650 nm (nanometers), the longest and slowest wavelengths of the spectrum, therefore also its lowest vibrational energy level.


From a spiritual perspective, Red is the color of the basic Chakra, the Root chakra. It symbolizes life, vitality, physical strength, stability and security, the physical nature of man, grounding and the most primitive physical and emotional survival. The major blockers of this chakra are fear and anxiety.


If we understand love as a physical need of survival, which in fact is sexually based or demonstrative of lack of self-love (inner-love), love as a product of desire and need, than red is its correspondent color. It creates a fear based love, limited by expectations and susceptible to ego oscillations. In a highly spiritual sense, true love is not need nor lust, but our natural essence, a pure state of balance, peace and connection with Source, and the Source itself.


If we must choose a more appropriate color for universal Love, the unconditional Love, white would be its best spiritual option. The “color” of all there is, the representative of divine presence and spirit, purity and infinity, because Love is All there is.


From the spectrum range, from the healing perspective, the complement of Red is Green, the combination calms down raging passions, anger, and balances emotions. Green is the color of balance and harmony, an equilibrium between Heart and emotions, rational mind and intuitive Heart consciousness.


Since always, green has been synonymous of growth, renewal and rebirth, and fertility. In paganism, the “Green Man” is a symbol of fertility.  In Muslim countries, it is considered a holy color. In Ireland, the color of good luck. In the Ming dynasty it was the color of the heavens. Green is also the color of life, spring, and nature. It is an emotionally positive color, reinforcing self-love and self-nurturing, as well as others unconditionally. Green is the color of the Heart Chakra, the bridges between the physical and the spiritual realms, the connection to Love Source, empathy, and real compassion.


The color green carries amazing healing powers and is the most restful and relaxing color to the human eye. It enhances vision, stability and endurance. It is pacifying, and relaxing by essence. Green physically alleviates anxiety, depression, and emotional edginess. Green also brings a sense of hope, health, and renewal. Green symbolizes the master healer and the life force.

green love

There are no “good” colors or “bad” colors. Each color serves a purpose, a determined functional frequency. I believe it is important that we understand the meaning behind each color, before we accept any interpretational associations blindly.


Eli de Lemos