There are frequencies so powerful that can change everything! Love and gratitude can transform lives, the universe, and life itself. We create by what we focus, “energy flows, where attention goes”. In today’s world, what are we grateful for? Before you start stating any negativity, think this first: I am grateful for the sun that shines every morning! I am grateful for breathing, as each breath prolongs my life! I am grateful for the water I drink; grateful for this meal, grateful for…


Life is a challenge, which can only be understood by gratitude. When we are grateful we realize who we truly are, what keeps us going, the constant magic in our lives. And we all have something to be thankful for, even if just to be alive, ability to dream and the courage to pursuit our goals. When we are grateful we feel the Love, as there is no gratitude without Love, to be thankful is an act of love. When we are grateful for what we have, our energy only brings more.


I am grateful to be a part of nature, to belong to something so perfect and magical beyond words. I am grateful for all lessons I received in life and all the countless teachers I’ve encountered along the path. I am grateful for all the wonderful opportunities I’ve had and will continue having. I am grateful for the abundance life have blessed me with, my family, my dear friends, all the love I’m surrounded with, my creativity, my strength to face every challenge, every tear, every smile.


I am grateful for Life, to be alive, to have a life! This is my daily favorite exercise and meditation. What are you grateful for?


Eli de Lemos