Our bodies are natural biological machines. Like any device, it needs power to function. What happens when we unplug? We don’t operate, we rust. That is what has happened to the human race.

Some devices come with batteries. In the biological dimension, we call it vital energy, our individual battery, also known as Chi in Chinese, Ki in Japanese, a manifestation of Prana, our electromagnetic field the Aura or Torus.

We have learned how our emotional frequencies, and what we eat for example, can empower or drain our vital energy. It is a very important part of our energetic maintenance. But there is much more we must do to respect the life we represent.

We are more than machines, we are living organisms. Our energetic anatomy actually resembles the structure of trees. We have roots just like trees do, energetic roots that connects us with the living being which is Mother Earth, to receive her constant healing, to restore our vital energy, and to keep us running in full power.

Mother Earth, nature and the Sun (vitamin D) are Sources, to keep us balanced, when we fail to connect directly from within, from the Heart Consciousness. The ultimate source is the Heart, our singularity of Life, our direct channel to Universal Consciousness of Love. The connection from within is primary. But “as above, so below; as within, so without”, the real balance is when we are connected at all levels, connected with each other, as we too are all connected by energetic roots, just like plants. It is the Whole, the unity of all living entities that complete and compose the Universe.

True wisdom is simplicity and humbleness. Like taking our shoes off and feel the grass, we walk among equals, we give and accept. We open our arms and heart to the blessing sun, every day. We drink and treat our water with gratitude, as it is also Life. These are the little tricks to inner balance, practice grounding meditation every day, several times a day if necessary. We need to feel the sun, its warm, its vitality, at least 15 minutes each day. Trees cannot survive without their roots and the sun, and neither can we. All it takes is a few minutes per day, to walk in nature, to connect our inner Love with all physical manifestations of Earth and the skies.

Eli de Lemos