Life is a labyrinth like no other. We live, we learn, we fail and restart, and for as long as there is time, it never ends. We chase goals that once achieved lose its significance and so new goals are created. It is not about a goal, the purpose is the journey we make, the paths we choose, and most importantly, how we never stop trying.


Only in the path we truly know ourselves. Who we are, what makes as happy, our inner strength, our weaknesses. Only when tested we can understand, in the feeling of the moment, in each situation. We get hurt and cry, we give up and surrender, but we never stop moving forward. We rediscover ourselves, we get proud of our accomplishments, and we should be!


Yes, Life is a labyrinth. A net of endless path that cross each other. A blueprint of many choices, a playground for Free-will. Within an infinitude of possibilities there are keys. “Keys” that guide us through the labyrinths of manifestations, back into the Source of Consciousness. These keys are within the Water, as Masaru Emoto brilliantly demonstrated, the 3-6- 9 code, our intuition and inner guidance, synchronicity…


All these fundamental elements, by form, energy frequency and functionality, evidences the natural order of the universe, its laws of creation and the eternal and divine balance, the most simple and ultimate truth. But it is revealed in pieces, clues that lead to learning, exploring possibilities and creating new paths, perpetuating infinity.


The infinitude of manifestations created a “matrix” of countless paths to follow, some leading us to the Source and others to closed alleys, the function of these being to back up, undo the path and start again. And isn’t this the whole meaning of learning and Life itself? To experiment, make mistakes and learn from it, gaining knowledge by Feeling.


The “matrix” that we nowadays so strongly address has an “evil trap” and mind control reality, in an obvious third dimensional frequency point of view, when seen from a higher perspective can be perceived and understood as a simple learning experience (s), created from the Universal Consciousness.


Simply put, if we came to life to just do the “right” thing and have a perfect life, what would be the lesson or fun in living at the first place? That does not justify hurting others on purpose just for the fun of it or for the sake of ignorance. If we are eternal, Consciousness identities, exploring and creating infinity, then Life would have no purpose, if just to re-experience, throughout time, the same reality, endlessly.


Eli de Lemos