As the rabbit hole deepens, along with our understanding, the truth reveals itself. We are light beings, unquestionably, but we are also the darkness. That does not mean at all that we are either good or bad. This duality line of thought must come to an end, if we choose Unity.

In the Unity perspective, duality does not exist. If duality represents two sides of a Whole, in Unity the Whole is all there is, all that matters and what we must focus on. Duality then becomes the Whole, becomes Unity.

Before the Big Bang, there was “Nothing”, and from that “nothingness” came everything, the light, matter, us. The “nothing” had no light. Light is a result, a manifestation of Creation, but its true origin is the “nothing”, our true origin of existence.

Throughout this amazing and infinite Universe, there is approximately 4.9 per cent of light and matter, 26.8 per cent of Dark Matter (or anti-matter), and 68.3 per cent of Dark Energy. From a spiritualistic point of view, does that mean the universe is “bad”, as it is mainly composed of darkness? Of course not, for it is the Dark Matter and Dark Energy that “show the Light” and allow matter to take shape. In other words, how would we know what light is if we didn’t had darkness? Light itself holds a spectrum of frequencies, from lower to higher vibrations. That’s the way it is.

By accepting that Love is all there is, the source of all existence, then there is love in every manifestation, in the Light, and in the Darkness.

The Light/Darkness paradox cannot justify our actions and our judgment. In the terms of Creation, there is no good or bad, only frequencies and functionalities. Every manifestation serves a purpose and serves the Higher “Good” of the Universal Equilibrium.

One can only truly awaken once we question the roots of our beliefs, and as long as we think in terms of division, duality and separation, one simply cannot achieve Unity.

Eli de Lemos