Imagine if Time was an illusion, such as space is a holographic projection of Consciousness. Ever heard the expression “time flies when we’re having fun”? Or ever experienced the opposite, on a tedious situation, when time seems like an eternity?


Time is not running out, as long as we believe in it, for as we created it. We run through our lives as time will end, we rush like there is no tomorrow. We force time.


The concept of Time contradicts eternity, since ever and forever. As energy essence, it can never be destroyed.


We evaluate time by the signs in our bodies. We age, yes, but it is not time that exhaust us, it is our quality of life. Some age faster than others, who preserve themselves with better care and self-love.


We measure time by the moon, the seasons, the sunsets, and “now” more sophistically by the Sumerian system, by sixty seconds, sixty minutes, hours… We measure time by cycles, by cyclic momentums of astrological nature. These natural cycles are part of a functionality order, an universal harmony of existence, that repeats itself since ever and forever, or for as long as we are here to perceive it.


Although, it may seem like time is accelerating, again it is all to do with our perception. Time has always had different rhythms depending on how we feel life. Plants do not rush to come to life, they take “their time”. Centuries ago, life was calmer. It seems the more we are in contact with nature, the less we are concerned about time, and yet everything can be accomplished.


Why do we feel like time is rushing by? And for what purpose? Firstly, the sense that time is flying by bring us into a fear state, of there isn’t enough time, which is false. When we rush through life, we tend to miss the priorities of existence, to live (and not just survive), to experience, to feel, to love! The inner state of constant anxiety, and the reason why we would like time to quickly move forward, is mostly to avoid the uncomfortable inner state we are presently under. We were told to expect miracles, that soon enough salvation and heaven on Earth will be available to all, and so we wait, impatiently.


The salvation we long for can ONLY start within, with change, inner change, and acceptance of Self.


Wise beings don’t wear watches, neither look into time for a better answer. What was, will always BE. They stop, and search within, in silence, stillness and inner peace.


Let us not wait any longer, for waiting keeps us in expectation and imprisoned in lack or fear. Let us feel NOW, from within, the change we wish to manifest, let us BE the change. Heaven is here, Now, in a change of perception. We are the Masters of our lives, we are the masters of our Time.


Eli de Lemos