Satori Rei



September 2015


There are frequencies so powerful that can change everything! Love and gratitude can transform lives, the universe, and life itself. We create by what we focus, “energy flows, where attention goes”. In today’s world, what are we grateful for? Before you start stating any negativity, think this first: I am grateful for the sun that shines every morning! I am grateful for breathing, as each breath prolongs my life! I am grateful for the water I drink; grateful for this meal, grateful for…


Life is a challenge, which can only be understood by gratitude. When we are grateful we realize who we truly are, what keeps us going, the constant magic in our lives. And we all have something to be thankful for, even if just to be alive, ability to dream and the courage to pursuit our goals. When we are grateful we feel the Love, as there is no gratitude without Love, to be thankful is an act of love. When we are grateful for what we have, our energy only brings more.


I am grateful to be a part of nature, to belong to something so perfect and magical beyond words. I am grateful for all lessons I received in life and all the countless teachers I’ve encountered along the path. I am grateful for all the wonderful opportunities I’ve had and will continue having. I am grateful for the abundance life have blessed me with, my family, my dear friends, all the love I’m surrounded with, my creativity, my strength to face every challenge, every tear, every smile.


I am grateful for Life, to be alive, to have a life! This is my daily favorite exercise and meditation. What are you grateful for?


Eli de Lemos


Dimensions of Life

Spirals are the base of everything, the Golden Ratio. It is the structural form of energy and matter, it is manifestation and empowerment. Ever wondered how our lives evolves in “circles”, starting at one point, going 360 degrees to “end” up nearly at the start point? How every time we feel we have closed a chapter in life, we discover new depths of the same?


Life does not go in circles, as “you can’t cross the same river twice”. Every time it circles around, it adds new experiences, new information, new memories. Each curve and turn is a frequency, a dimension of perception and Consciousness.


The next relevant question would be, what’s the start point? What’s the Singularity? The Source, the most powerful Energy of the Universe, as Einstein himself described in a letter to his daughter, recently published worldwide. The Energy that connects all, the unquestionable Energy of Love. Love is the centerpiece of all conscious acts, the energy that empowers Life. The reason why we move forward, and inwards too.


The spiral is not only a form, as nothing is created randomly, it serves a purpose, to empower Life itself. It is the most significant universal example of its magnificence and eternity, as by each turn it builds strength, adds energy and guarantees its next momentum. It is also not by chance that, when water is submitted to this structural movement, it purifies its essence and Life force. It strengthens the Love frequency in water.


Defying Time and Space, spirals rule both ways and directions. It can expand from the singularity and create, time and space, Entropy, as it goes inwards, from the most external layers, spiraling in back into its source, Syntropy. Creating the Pulse of the Universe, connecting Source with manifestation, faster than the speed of light, its constant communication and exchanging new information and possibilities.


How all this information does relates to us? We too are part of this divine manifestation. We are made in spiral of Consciousness and frequencies, our layers. We also can move awareness outwards, by creating reality, and feeding new information to the Source, or move inwards, into the Heart Consciousness, and be ONE with the Source.


We are the eyes of the Singularity. We are the eyes of Love itself.


Eli de Lemos

To be accepted or not to be

Our lives builds on cycles. The most common is the need for acceptance. At some point in our lives, we want to be accepted by all, and we do what it takes for it. We adapt ourselves to the others, we change “who we are” at any given situation and observer. We create masks, we play roles, and the more we keep on doing it, the more distant we are from who we really are. We lose ourselves in the process.


We should ask ourselves, is it really that bad to be who we are? Because if we don’t like what we see in the mirror or feel from within, why not just change it to what makes us happy, without losing our identity? Maybe we don’t like what we see, because we are not seeing ourselves, but our masks, fears and other people’s expectations. As long as we do not accept ourselves, nobody ever will, and that’s our own doing.


Depending on the life circumstances and our emotional maturity, let’s say adolescence for example, the need to be accepted lead us to the “don’t want to be accepted at all” stage, the rebel phase. It’s a learning process, or more like an unlearning process of the conventional and mostly imposed by society to be a people pleaser.


We are who we are. It can’t be no other way. If we wouldn’t have our own particular perspective, there would be no reason for existence. We would not add anything new. Individuals are not repetitions of mass production. The factors authenticity and uniqueness are the keys.


We don’t have to be accepted by everyone. The bottom line is to be accepted by Self. The rest builds on that fundament. If we are not truthful to ourselves, we cannot find our path, and we will keep on failing in life. It’s like trying to fit the square piece in the triangle shape space. The more we try to fit in someone else’s shoes or live other people’s lives, the more we grow in anger and frustration. Who are we angry at? Ourselves, for not accepting and acknowledging who we are.


We can only find our passion in life when we find ourselves, when we embrace our uniqueness. Then peace and happiness follows as a consequence of our most precious self-love act. Embrace yourselves, as you lose nothing but who you are not!


Eli de Lemos

Connecting to Source

Our bodies are natural biological machines. Like any device, it needs power to function. What happens when we unplug? We don’t operate, we rust. That is what has happened to the human race.

Some devices come with batteries. In the biological dimension, we call it vital energy, our individual battery, also known as Chi in Chinese, Ki in Japanese, a manifestation of Prana, our electromagnetic field the Aura or Torus.

We have learned how our emotional frequencies, and what we eat for example, can empower or drain our vital energy. It is a very important part of our energetic maintenance. But there is much more we must do to respect the life we represent.

We are more than machines, we are living organisms. Our energetic anatomy actually resembles the structure of trees. We have roots just like trees do, energetic roots that connects us with the living being which is Mother Earth, to receive her constant healing, to restore our vital energy, and to keep us running in full power.

Mother Earth, nature and the Sun (vitamin D) are Sources, to keep us balanced, when we fail to connect directly from within, from the Heart Consciousness. The ultimate source is the Heart, our singularity of Life, our direct channel to Universal Consciousness of Love. The connection from within is primary. But “as above, so below; as within, so without”, the real balance is when we are connected at all levels, connected with each other, as we too are all connected by energetic roots, just like plants. It is the Whole, the unity of all living entities that complete and compose the Universe.

True wisdom is simplicity and humbleness. Like taking our shoes off and feel the grass, we walk among equals, we give and accept. We open our arms and heart to the blessing sun, every day. We drink and treat our water with gratitude, as it is also Life. These are the little tricks to inner balance, practice grounding meditation every day, several times a day if necessary. We need to feel the sun, its warm, its vitality, at least 15 minutes each day. Trees cannot survive without their roots and the sun, and neither can we. All it takes is a few minutes per day, to walk in nature, to connect our inner Love with all physical manifestations of Earth and the skies.

Eli de Lemos

The Ultimate Labyrinth: Life

Life is a labyrinth like no other. We live, we learn, we fail and restart, and for as long as there is time, it never ends. We chase goals that once achieved lose its significance and so new goals are created. It is not about a goal, the purpose is the journey we make, the paths we choose, and most importantly, how we never stop trying.


Only in the path we truly know ourselves. Who we are, what makes as happy, our inner strength, our weaknesses. Only when tested we can understand, in the feeling of the moment, in each situation. We get hurt and cry, we give up and surrender, but we never stop moving forward. We rediscover ourselves, we get proud of our accomplishments, and we should be!


Yes, Life is a labyrinth. A net of endless path that cross each other. A blueprint of many choices, a playground for Free-will. Within an infinitude of possibilities there are keys. “Keys” that guide us through the labyrinths of manifestations, back into the Source of Consciousness. These keys are within the Water, as Masaru Emoto brilliantly demonstrated, the 3-6- 9 code, our intuition and inner guidance, synchronicity…


All these fundamental elements, by form, energy frequency and functionality, evidences the natural order of the universe, its laws of creation and the eternal and divine balance, the most simple and ultimate truth. But it is revealed in pieces, clues that lead to learning, exploring possibilities and creating new paths, perpetuating infinity.


The infinitude of manifestations created a “matrix” of countless paths to follow, some leading us to the Source and others to closed alleys, the function of these being to back up, undo the path and start again. And isn’t this the whole meaning of learning and Life itself? To experiment, make mistakes and learn from it, gaining knowledge by Feeling.


The “matrix” that we nowadays so strongly address has an “evil trap” and mind control reality, in an obvious third dimensional frequency point of view, when seen from a higher perspective can be perceived and understood as a simple learning experience (s), created from the Universal Consciousness.


Simply put, if we came to life to just do the “right” thing and have a perfect life, what would be the lesson or fun in living at the first place? That does not justify hurting others on purpose just for the fun of it or for the sake of ignorance. If we are eternal, Consciousness identities, exploring and creating infinity, then Life would have no purpose, if just to re-experience, throughout time, the same reality, endlessly.


Eli de Lemos

Healing Frequencies

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ― Nikola Tesla


Everything is energy, we know this far. And Energy manifests in frequencies. Everything has a frequency. Facts. How can this information change our lives? “…Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way.” – Albert Einstein


To manifest the reality we want, all we need to do is feel the frequency we wish. All it takes to turn a difficult situation around, is focus on the frequency we want. Energy attracts equal frequencies, when we stagnate in a low vibrational state, guess what you will receive from the universe? On the other hand, if the issue is lack, think and feel abundance. If its sadness and loneliness, feel love and joy! This is how the law of attraction actually works. A mix of the hermetic II Principle of Correspondence (“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”) and the VI. Principle of Cause and Effect (“Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause; everything happens according to Law; Chance is but a name for Law not recognized; there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the Law.”) — The Kybalion.


The knowledge was always present, all we need is to remember and use with consciousness.


The 7 Huna Life Principles:


IKE – The world is what you think it is

KALA – There are no limits, everything is possible

MAKIA – Energy flows where attention goes

MANAWA – Now is the moment of power

ALOHA – To love is to be happy with

MANA – All power comes from within

PONO – Effectiveness is the measure of truth


The main key to retain, and what we most tend to forget is that “energy flows, where attention goes.” Inner focus is everything. Stay grounded in Love and harmony, and do not let yourself get distracted or irritated with all the lower vibrational situations and people. Do not feed them with more energy. This is how we break those cycles.


It is quite simple once we manage a few very important details, such as the subconscious, the mind frequencies patterns we accumulate and hold on to, our precious defense mechanisms. Think this for a second, according to the law of attraction, if we constantly live in defense, what are we attracting then? ….more reasons to defend from, and so on. This is how we have been creating our reality. What was necessary then, may not apply now. We need to let go!


To break the spell, the frequency change can only happen once we can really FEEL, from within. With an open Heart, full trust on the universe, total transparency and honesty in our thoughts and words. How can we attract abundance? With Gratitude for what we already have. How do we attract more love into our lives? With Love from within, self-love and love for all there is.


And the time to do it is NOW. Not when we are thinking about the past, for that only brings more memories. Not when we are hoping for the future, for that keeps us in hoping. The only time we can make a change is NOW, in this moment, in the present. This is how we make our tomorrow. It is in this exact moment we are energetically creating our next.


The use of frequencies is not a new discovery. It is an ancient knowledge. Since always, the use of certain frequencies for healing, for inner balance and empowerment, have been used by religion, for example, the Gregorian chants, and through eastern meditations techniques. Sound is vibration, and when tuned in the right frequency it can have magical and instantaneous effects. The 9 Solfeggio Mirror Frequencies, the 9  sounds of Creation, an ancient musical scale, can enable a spiritual balance, and heal body and mind, in perfect harmony with the 3-6-9 natural order. Please do not confuse with the Solfeggio, which are inverted frequencies.


147Hz – 12 (3)   Sublimation

258Hz – 15 (6)   Concentric Ascension

369Hz – 18 (9)   Turning Grief into Joy, Liberating Guilt and Fear

471Hz – 12 (3)   Inner Dimension

582Hz – 15 (6)   Galactic Fire Strand

693Hz – 18 (9) Violet Fire

714Hz – 12 (3)   Reordering of Perception

825Hz – 15 (6)   Silver Violet Fire

936Hz – 18 (9)   Connection to the Cosmos; Awakening (Pineal Gland Activation)



All these frequencies mentioned above, also reveal another ancient secret that we don’t yet fully understand, the 3-6-9 order and the divine code number 9, related to the physics of creation. “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would hold a key to the universe”. The 3-6-9 sequence, and the “proof of nine” is unquestionably the fundamental root vibrations of the Solfeggio Mirrors and all healing frequency tones.


Eli de Lemos


Where Light comes from

As the rabbit hole deepens, along with our understanding, the truth reveals itself. We are light beings, unquestionably, but we are also the darkness. That does not mean at all that we are either good or bad. This duality line of thought must come to an end, if we choose Unity.

In the Unity perspective, duality does not exist. If duality represents two sides of a Whole, in Unity the Whole is all there is, all that matters and what we must focus on. Duality then becomes the Whole, becomes Unity.

Before the Big Bang, there was “Nothing”, and from that “nothingness” came everything, the light, matter, us. The “nothing” had no light. Light is a result, a manifestation of Creation, but its true origin is the “nothing”, our true origin of existence.

Throughout this amazing and infinite Universe, there is approximately 4.9 per cent of light and matter, 26.8 per cent of Dark Matter (or anti-matter), and 68.3 per cent of Dark Energy. From a spiritualistic point of view, does that mean the universe is “bad”, as it is mainly composed of darkness? Of course not, for it is the Dark Matter and Dark Energy that “show the Light” and allow matter to take shape. In other words, how would we know what light is if we didn’t had darkness? Light itself holds a spectrum of frequencies, from lower to higher vibrations. That’s the way it is.

By accepting that Love is all there is, the source of all existence, then there is love in every manifestation, in the Light, and in the Darkness.

The Light/Darkness paradox cannot justify our actions and our judgment. In the terms of Creation, there is no good or bad, only frequencies and functionalities. Every manifestation serves a purpose and serves the Higher “Good” of the Universal Equilibrium.

One can only truly awaken once we question the roots of our beliefs, and as long as we think in terms of division, duality and separation, one simply cannot achieve Unity.

Eli de Lemos


A Different perspective of Time

Imagine if Time was an illusion, such as space is a holographic projection of Consciousness. Ever heard the expression “time flies when we’re having fun”? Or ever experienced the opposite, on a tedious situation, when time seems like an eternity?


Time is not running out, as long as we believe in it, for as we created it. We run through our lives as time will end, we rush like there is no tomorrow. We force time.


The concept of Time contradicts eternity, since ever and forever. As energy essence, it can never be destroyed.


We evaluate time by the signs in our bodies. We age, yes, but it is not time that exhaust us, it is our quality of life. Some age faster than others, who preserve themselves with better care and self-love.


We measure time by the moon, the seasons, the sunsets, and “now” more sophistically by the Sumerian system, by sixty seconds, sixty minutes, hours… We measure time by cycles, by cyclic momentums of astrological nature. These natural cycles are part of a functionality order, an universal harmony of existence, that repeats itself since ever and forever, or for as long as we are here to perceive it.


Although, it may seem like time is accelerating, again it is all to do with our perception. Time has always had different rhythms depending on how we feel life. Plants do not rush to come to life, they take “their time”. Centuries ago, life was calmer. It seems the more we are in contact with nature, the less we are concerned about time, and yet everything can be accomplished.


Why do we feel like time is rushing by? And for what purpose? Firstly, the sense that time is flying by bring us into a fear state, of there isn’t enough time, which is false. When we rush through life, we tend to miss the priorities of existence, to live (and not just survive), to experience, to feel, to love! The inner state of constant anxiety, and the reason why we would like time to quickly move forward, is mostly to avoid the uncomfortable inner state we are presently under. We were told to expect miracles, that soon enough salvation and heaven on Earth will be available to all, and so we wait, impatiently.


The salvation we long for can ONLY start within, with change, inner change, and acceptance of Self.


Wise beings don’t wear watches, neither look into time for a better answer. What was, will always BE. They stop, and search within, in silence, stillness and inner peace.


Let us not wait any longer, for waiting keeps us in expectation and imprisoned in lack or fear. Let us feel NOW, from within, the change we wish to manifest, let us BE the change. Heaven is here, Now, in a change of perception. We are the Masters of our lives, we are the masters of our Time.


Eli de Lemos

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