It is so simple to change the world, if only, we all knew! We can change someone’s world as fast as a smile, a giving hope or to feel what they feel. The challenge is to change oneself, to change the whole world from within, and that is the change we must embrace the most. That is within our power, for we are the world.

Are we happy with what we have become? If not, then we should change. What keeps us from changing? Simple, ourselves! Nothing else stop us, nothing else has that power, unless we let it. Our fear stops us, our lack of faith in our capabilities, in our own dreams.

If our world is a reflection of our inner state, then only logical that the change must come from within. We change perspective, we find our drive, our inner most motivation, our passion! We believe, we trust, we visualize and leap in faith. We feel the change, we feel its energy, whatever frequency we want to manifest. Once we know what we want it’s simple, we stay focus, as for no one else can do it for us. Only we know what we want, our personal dreams, and what makes us thrive. But we must believe in ourselves. We must open our hearts, listen to what it tells us, and allow it to guide us through.

It is impossible to know the whole way, we learn as it comes, as we need. Our paths constantly intersect with others, for we are all manifestations of ONE. So we grow together, we inspire each other, and it all starts from within each of us. And every time we feel less motivated, we find someone who keeps us going, with a smile, with some hoping words of comfort, and the cycle restarts.

There are so many ways to change the world, if we truly believe!

Eli de Lemos