Judgement is not more than a mental addiction. And as all addictions, it hides our weaknesses and insecurities. More evidence of the Fear by difference, of the capacities of others and even ourselves.


It is of vital importance to question everything, every attitude, every thought, because it is in its origin that lies the Truth, what moves us from within. To judge others, has nothing to do with their behavior, but with our internal condition. We judge because we think with the rational mind and not with the Heart Mind. We judge for we are afraid, we feel confronted, because we do not accept who we are, because we do not have the courage to be better. The fact that we do not admit our “faults”, makes us most of the time the executioner of the others.


As old saying, “honesty is the best policy”. We can play hide and seek with the reality of how we are, but the truth does not forgive, and is reflects in all with whom we cross paths. For this reason, we judge. We judge the other without understanding that we are only judging a reflection of ourselves.


Each person is as they are! Each person makes their mistakes and learns by themselves, by the consequences of their actions and thoughts. It is exclusively their responsibility for their change and evolution.  It is called Free will. There is no other reality.


Many would argue that the act of judging the next is for their good. However, the greatest good we can do for others is accepting them as they are and love them even if imperfect. After all, aren’t we all imperfect and susceptible to error?


Patience, Humility, Compassion, are the greatest lessons of wise men, who accept, and understand the origin of the human “faults”, as learning for the benefit of the improvement of Self. A Latin expression says: “Wise and foolish, we all have a little”, let us then explore these virtues!


Eli de Lemos