Knowledge is something truly extraordinary. We know because we feel, but until we find the correct words, we cannot explain it.

The Universe communicates through sensations, through extra physical senses, or is it not its essence, the true meaning of Life, to Feel. The universe cannot communicate with words, because words limit a potential in a universe infinitely creative, changing and evolving at every moment.

As bridges of connection between knowing and feeling, the words simply open the door to Knowledge, the true Knowledge. For example, we know what Love is, not by the word itself, but by what we feel from the word, its energy, life.

As universal beings that we are, we communicate more by pure energy than with verbalizations. Every sincere smile, every genuine gratitude, at each frequency emitted by the Heart singularity (Source within).  A look says more than a thousand words, a hug, a kiss…

The Feeling knows the Truth, the pure intention, does not use masks, nor perpetuates illusions.

Eli de Lemos