Some time ago, I wrote about the “Unconditional Love”, to describe its essence, its true meaning, for that through the knowledge we begin to practice and feel the Love for what it really is. And I have learned a great lesson. On one of the comments on the article, a person wrote and very well, “why call it unconditional love”, love is love pure and simple, to call it unconditional implies the concept of a conditional love.

As far as I understand the title of “unconditional Love”, a New Age spiritual concept, to describe the Love Source and Creator, may indeed be exceeded and must be corrected by simply: Love. Correcting the dualities, the underlying concepts, and misinterpretations. The Universal Love is unconditional, but for those who can achieve Its frequency and understanding from within, know that its unconditionality is implied, and does not need any reference, “a word to the wise is enough!”

On the other hand, I also realize that even today there is a certain need in the use of the word and concept, to clarify the majority that still believes that love means “love those who love us, and forget those who forget us”.

Its unconditionality literally means: to love ourselves, to love those who love us, love nature, animals and everything that surrounds us, but mainly, and the most challenging of all, to love those who do not love us. It is for this reason that achieving the state of complete Love, implies in the majority of times a lifetime, or multiple lives. Requires an absolute inner peace state, emotional maturity, and a high and stable understanding of Unity, ONENESS, we are all ONE!

Each one of us is a cell in this universe; not loving someone is not loving a part of ourselves.

Eternally grateful to the person that taught me this lesson, and the opportunity to share with all!

Eli de Lemos