Long ago, we created verbal language, as a way to communicate more efficiently, to verbalize our thoughts, identify objects, phenomenons, and share knowledge throughout Time and even space.  I believe the intention was pure although nowadays language is not error free nor objective enough to clear misinterpretations. In fact, we added double meanings, emotional charges to a simple and functional enough vocabulary. “Let’s keep it simple.”


Some words already contain a determined frequency. We stated that with Masaru Emoto and the water crystals, which reflect without a doubt its energy. Words like “Love”, “thank you”, “hate”, clearly verbalizations of emotions itself. But there are others words, created only by their functionality and identification that have lost their basic meaning.


Depending on the cultural background, but mostly by Consciousness or lack of it as we will realize, all words come attached to emotions and always mirroring the Good/Bad evaluation. Most of us, and product of a very busy and noisy society, don’t even listen anymore to all words, just like computers searching for quick word patterns to make its interpretation. We lost context, we jump into conclusions and judgments for the cover, without even opening the book. We have lost communication for the sake of saving time!


My first thought was “We should rewrite the dictionaries!” but that wouldn’t solve the issue at all. The real cause of this verbal chaos lies within our perceptions, as a fear based mentality for millenniums. The way we communicate and the words vibrations we send out are a reflection of our inner state of consciousness. As we become more conscious and more Love based from within, our communication becomes clearer, purer, and far more effective. We become completely honest in our intentions, clearing the distortion patterns for misinterpretation and delivering the message.


Now it is time to reevaluate our communications skills. What messages and vibrations are we really sending out? What words do we tend to use subconsciously that are actually influencing and creating our reality? It is no coincidence that the world today is a very challenging reality based on the way we “communicate”, and it is everyone’s responsibility, because we are all part of it.


As we will learn with “time”, experience and consciousness most of all, there are more effective ways of communication, based on pure and basic emotions, such has animals and plants use, but all in good time. For now, a simple care for each word would mean a lot of difference.


Eli de Lemos