Forgiveness is the first step to Love. The change in attitude and frequency starts with the release of low-vibration ties with the past and within the subconscious.

As it is easier to forgive others more than forgiving ourselves, by the illusion of control, by the unreal search for perfection, that we subconsciously maintain or by simple resistance to Acceptance of the facts as they were, in the face of which we would like to have been.

Let us begin with the more challenging, by self-forgiveness. The first step is Acceptance, to accept what was and how it happened. The past cannot be changed, has already passed, but it can and should be accepted. Our non-acceptance makes us not only relive the most  meaningful past events, and normally by fear, as also wonder constantly in parallel realities, in the realm of “what if.. “; “if I knew,” “if I had said so”, “if I had done this way”. By understanding and remembering our base, that we are spiritual beings, of Love, and that we have come to learn and experience our essence, and that to make mistakes is part of this learning process, we accept that if we really knew better, we would have done differently. Each moment, each situation was careful and graciously provided for the lesson required per individual and in its specific time. Each situation and lesson is an intensive course and directly related to our personal mission, nothing is by chance, everything has its functionality! To relive subconsciously alternative scenarios of the past, we lose completely the chance to rectify and to act, in the Present, in the Now, in real time.

By admitting our humanity, our imperfections humbly, we can more easily understand and observe the humanity in the others. Nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes, we try to, we learn, and we are all entitled to a second chance. After all, “to err is human”! Our relationship with others, our understanding, tolerance, forgiveness, begins with ourselves, within ourselves and for ourselves. If we do not love and respect ourselves, we can never truly love others or accept love. Contrary to common sense, there are no limits to forgiveness, but we can choose not to expose to recurring situations. A lesson learned is a further step reached, new lessons and situations will come, so is Life.

It is by self-forgiveness that we begin to change the world, in every being and by its manifestations. Our responsibility is to inner evolution, transcendence of Consciousness, to find Love in its Source, within ourselves in the Heart Singularity, we are not responsible for others, for their actions, their thoughts or we would surely violate the Law of Free will. Each is free to make their own choices. To ourselves, our choices, our consciousness.

Eli de Lemos