Understanding the true universal concepts is halfway to a raising Consciousness. As a castle of cards, if the bases are not well solid, all the knowledge acquired will be reduced to its basic weaknesses. And so it is our society, a history of concepts half interpreted and full of loopholes, waiting for its inevitable total collapse.


The word itself already induces the error, but it is not the source of its incorrect interpretation. Fruit of a separatist mentality versus the mentality of Unity, based in the energy of fear, in contrast to pure Love, the word “duality” conventionally described as “two opposing principles”, actually represents “two sides of the same coin”, two aspects of the Whole, as the day and night, hot and cold, are just manifestations of the same.


Its basic concept comes from the differentiation of energy, in Female and Male, which has nothing to do with gender or sexuality, but with its functionalism.


Everything is Energy, in constant vibration and movement. Movement that manifests itself in a perpetual “pulse”, in expansion and contraction, scientifically known as entropy and syntropy. The expansion, or entropy, represents the male energy, which extends beyond its origin, and the contraction, the syntropy, the return to the Source, to Absolute Being, the female energy. In summary, the Tao, the Yin-Yang, the universal dynamic, without which the universe as we perceive today and Now would not exist, without which We would not “be”.


As a “tale never loses in the telling”, the separatist mentality added a competitive connotation, an “in-divi-dualism”, either one reality or another, but we cannot choose both! It became the rule. With this, we separated Knowledge into two versions to choose from, and even added a polar character to it, the negative and the positive, one version is “bad”, while the other is “good”, at the mercy of the interpreter. We have created a false free will.


Back into Unity, to Love, and with a higher Consciousness, we now can better accept its true nature, understand its reason for being. The universe simply Is as It Is, and questioning its divine perfection based upon a human separatist interpretation is a waste of time and purpose of Life. Its ACCEPTANCE raises us to new heights of Knowledge, to new stages of discovery and learning. Frees us from the chains and limits, which we have created, and allows us to evolve onto unknown terrain just waiting to be discovered. Neither the sky is the limit, because Creation is infinite, as well as the “staircase” of Knowledge.


Eli de Lemos