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August 2015

Consciousness – The Universal Essence

As we exist, we are Consciousness. Anything that exists was conceived by Consciousness. What is Consciousness? What is the Creator? These are one and the same question.


Every time a new definition of Consciousness comes up, it only complements all the others. The Universe is consciousness, the “physical”, the etheric, the imaginary, space, time, Life, everything. There are as many definitions as there are manifestations, infinite! It is experience, learning, interaction, knowledge of self and others. It is self-intelligent, it reinvents itself and creates everything else. It is energy, the Singularity, and the Void that precedes and surrounds it. It is the Source.


Not created and never destroyed, it transforms into any state it can imagine. Physical matter can be an illusion of perception, but the Source, Consciousness, is as real as our thought and imagination. We can only grasp some superficial levels of understanding, the event horizon, as we are still unable to perceive from the Void perspective. Imagine the sense of completeness that would be.


We say we grow in Consciousness, but it’s Consciousness that “grows” us. As it transforms and experiences itself, it expands, evolves, and contracts back into self. From the Source to manifestation, and back to Source. From itself to outer self, to back within, endlessly.


The nature of Consciousness is “The Energy”, its playground is creativity. There is only ONE energy this powerful, this creative, that moves the universe beyond its illusionary boundaries while gravitationally holding it all together. We call it Love. The nature of Consciousness is Love.


To love is to be “open” to Life and new experiences, different perspectives, and “sides” of self. When we “refuse” love, when we fear, we close ourselves in a loop of low vibrations, and deny any new experiences. We remain closed into one reality, like a “closed system”. We disconnect from essence, we disconnect from Source. To be conscious, or to take consciousness is to learn something more, something different, beyond our understanding limitations,…is to love.


Once we collect all the breadcrumbs and connect all the dots, we will realize that Love, Evolution, Creativity, Knowledge, are all sub definitions of Consciousness. There is no separation, no divisions, it is all the same. And only then, when we can truly feel the Oneness of all these concepts, we can just BE, the Source.


Eli de Lemos


Change yourself, and you change the World

It is so simple to change the world, if only, we all knew! We can change someone’s world as fast as a smile, a giving hope or to feel what they feel. The challenge is to change oneself, to change the whole world from within, and that is the change we must embrace the most. That is within our power, for we are the world.

Are we happy with what we have become? If not, then we should change. What keeps us from changing? Simple, ourselves! Nothing else stop us, nothing else has that power, unless we let it. Our fear stops us, our lack of faith in our capabilities, in our own dreams.

If our world is a reflection of our inner state, then only logical that the change must come from within. We change perspective, we find our drive, our inner most motivation, our passion! We believe, we trust, we visualize and leap in faith. We feel the change, we feel its energy, whatever frequency we want to manifest. Once we know what we want it’s simple, we stay focus, as for no one else can do it for us. Only we know what we want, our personal dreams, and what makes us thrive. But we must believe in ourselves. We must open our hearts, listen to what it tells us, and allow it to guide us through.

It is impossible to know the whole way, we learn as it comes, as we need. Our paths constantly intersect with others, for we are all manifestations of ONE. So we grow together, we inspire each other, and it all starts from within each of us. And every time we feel less motivated, we find someone who keeps us going, with a smile, with some hoping words of comfort, and the cycle restarts.

There are so many ways to change the world, if we truly believe!

Eli de Lemos

Behind Judgement

Judgement is not more than a mental addiction. And as all addictions, it hides our weaknesses and insecurities. More evidence of the Fear by difference, of the capacities of others and even ourselves.


It is of vital importance to question everything, every attitude, every thought, because it is in its origin that lies the Truth, what moves us from within. To judge others, has nothing to do with their behavior, but with our internal condition. We judge because we think with the rational mind and not with the Heart Mind. We judge for we are afraid, we feel confronted, because we do not accept who we are, because we do not have the courage to be better. The fact that we do not admit our “faults”, makes us most of the time the executioner of the others.


As old saying, “honesty is the best policy”. We can play hide and seek with the reality of how we are, but the truth does not forgive, and is reflects in all with whom we cross paths. For this reason, we judge. We judge the other without understanding that we are only judging a reflection of ourselves.


Each person is as they are! Each person makes their mistakes and learns by themselves, by the consequences of their actions and thoughts. It is exclusively their responsibility for their change and evolution.  It is called Free will. There is no other reality.


Many would argue that the act of judging the next is for their good. However, the greatest good we can do for others is accepting them as they are and love them even if imperfect. After all, aren’t we all imperfect and susceptible to error?


Patience, Humility, Compassion, are the greatest lessons of wise men, who accept, and understand the origin of the human “faults”, as learning for the benefit of the improvement of Self. A Latin expression says: “Wise and foolish, we all have a little”, let us then explore these virtues!


Eli de Lemos

The Knowledge in Feeling

Knowledge is something truly extraordinary. We know because we feel, but until we find the correct words, we cannot explain it.

The Universe communicates through sensations, through extra physical senses, or is it not its essence, the true meaning of Life, to Feel. The universe cannot communicate with words, because words limit a potential in a universe infinitely creative, changing and evolving at every moment.

As bridges of connection between knowing and feeling, the words simply open the door to Knowledge, the true Knowledge. For example, we know what Love is, not by the word itself, but by what we feel from the word, its energy, life.

As universal beings that we are, we communicate more by pure energy than with verbalizations. Every sincere smile, every genuine gratitude, at each frequency emitted by the Heart singularity (Source within).  A look says more than a thousand words, a hug, a kiss…

The Feeling knows the Truth, the pure intention, does not use masks, nor perpetuates illusions.

Eli de Lemos

The Unconditionality of Love

Some time ago, I wrote about the “Unconditional Love”, to describe its essence, its true meaning, for that through the knowledge we begin to practice and feel the Love for what it really is. And I have learned a great lesson. On one of the comments on the article, a person wrote and very well, “why call it unconditional love”, love is love pure and simple, to call it unconditional implies the concept of a conditional love.

As far as I understand the title of “unconditional Love”, a New Age spiritual concept, to describe the Love Source and Creator, may indeed be exceeded and must be corrected by simply: Love. Correcting the dualities, the underlying concepts, and misinterpretations. The Universal Love is unconditional, but for those who can achieve Its frequency and understanding from within, know that its unconditionality is implied, and does not need any reference, “a word to the wise is enough!”

On the other hand, I also realize that even today there is a certain need in the use of the word and concept, to clarify the majority that still believes that love means “love those who love us, and forget those who forget us”.

Its unconditionality literally means: to love ourselves, to love those who love us, love nature, animals and everything that surrounds us, but mainly, and the most challenging of all, to love those who do not love us. It is for this reason that achieving the state of complete Love, implies in the majority of times a lifetime, or multiple lives. Requires an absolute inner peace state, emotional maturity, and a high and stable understanding of Unity, ONENESS, we are all ONE!

Each one of us is a cell in this universe; not loving someone is not loving a part of ourselves.

Eternally grateful to the person that taught me this lesson, and the opportunity to share with all!

Eli de Lemos

Basic meanings and additional vibrations

Long ago, we created verbal language, as a way to communicate more efficiently, to verbalize our thoughts, identify objects, phenomenons, and share knowledge throughout Time and even space.  I believe the intention was pure although nowadays language is not error free nor objective enough to clear misinterpretations. In fact, we added double meanings, emotional charges to a simple and functional enough vocabulary. “Let’s keep it simple.”


Some words already contain a determined frequency. We stated that with Masaru Emoto and the water crystals, which reflect without a doubt its energy. Words like “Love”, “thank you”, “hate”, clearly verbalizations of emotions itself. But there are others words, created only by their functionality and identification that have lost their basic meaning.


Depending on the cultural background, but mostly by Consciousness or lack of it as we will realize, all words come attached to emotions and always mirroring the Good/Bad evaluation. Most of us, and product of a very busy and noisy society, don’t even listen anymore to all words, just like computers searching for quick word patterns to make its interpretation. We lost context, we jump into conclusions and judgments for the cover, without even opening the book. We have lost communication for the sake of saving time!


My first thought was “We should rewrite the dictionaries!” but that wouldn’t solve the issue at all. The real cause of this verbal chaos lies within our perceptions, as a fear based mentality for millenniums. The way we communicate and the words vibrations we send out are a reflection of our inner state of consciousness. As we become more conscious and more Love based from within, our communication becomes clearer, purer, and far more effective. We become completely honest in our intentions, clearing the distortion patterns for misinterpretation and delivering the message.


Now it is time to reevaluate our communications skills. What messages and vibrations are we really sending out? What words do we tend to use subconsciously that are actually influencing and creating our reality? It is no coincidence that the world today is a very challenging reality based on the way we “communicate”, and it is everyone’s responsibility, because we are all part of it.


As we will learn with “time”, experience and consciousness most of all, there are more effective ways of communication, based on pure and basic emotions, such has animals and plants use, but all in good time. For now, a simple care for each word would mean a lot of difference.


Eli de Lemos


We live in exciting times, far beyond any imagination or dream manifested. This because, Knowledge transcends us, precedes us, is part of a Higher Plan. And so begins the Awakening!


What is the Awakening?


As the name indicates, we awaken to a new reality. We begin to realize in the small things how everything serves a purpose. Nothing happens by chance. That our life follows a chain of events (coincidences), challenges, experiences, … learning! – Synchronicity. Opens the prospect that we are not alone nor at the mercy of our whims, that “something” guides us and protects us, even from “ourselves”.  The Awakening is not more than the reunion with our spirituality, our origin, our true BEING.


What is the purpose of Awakening? Why Now?


To begin, everything serves the process of Evolution! This is the key word of the moment, the Divine Plan, everything is part of the Universal Evolution.


The Awakening is the next evolutionary step of the universal energy, manifested on the physical plane, of the so-called rational Beings: Unity!


We return our attention to the “old discussion”, does our life belongs to us or do we serve a much higher force called Destiny? The answer is simple: both! We are an integral part of the Universe, there is no way to escape, nor should we in any way. As we are manifestations of the Universal Energy, not belonging would mean not existing, simply!


Imagine Evolution as a grand staircase, each phase a step, a level of Knowledge of the great Universal Consciousness. Recalling the foundations, in that everything is energy, so each step represents a vibrational frequency. Each frequency contains in itself key knowledge, that once “understood” lead us to the next step.


Today, we call each step or vibrational frequency a Dimension. Who has not heard of the Third Dimension, or Fifth Dimension? Here is the secret of our actuality, of all events of low frequency as wars, the economic crisis, “dis-eases”, and high frequency, the increasingly awakening of more and more humans, and Unity, such has worldwide compassion and defending human (and animal) rights.


Why awakening Now? Because we are living in a time of vibrational transition. It is important that we understand that this transition transcends us, is part of the Universal Evolution. Accepting this fact means to “ascend” to a higher level of consciousness, of Being. Not accepting, means resistance and stagnation of the process, which is not “natural”, therefore delays, and complicates immensely our own journey!


Basically, what characterizes the Third Dimension is individuality, the achievement of personal goals, the knowledge of the presence of I, as being separate from the Whole, the duality in everything that exists (according to our 3D perception).  At the base of this duality, and in parallel with the Law of the Gender (see article “Understanding Duality”), we have the Universal Energy, the creator: Love, and its opposite, Fear. One of universal bases, the Law of Polarity, or Law of Opposites, in which everything is dual and opposites are just extremes of the Whole. This is the perpetual vibrational motion between Love and Fear. In other words, in this dimension, love creates Fear, the fear of losing the love (missing the moment, the frequency), and that by itself and by excess returns back to love as a vital part of our existence, the self-love, the love for life and for everything.


Why the existence of duality? If we understand our origin, as physical manifestation of Love, the Primordial Energy that created our entire Universe, everything that exists, and that all power is vibrational, i.e. is always in constant motion, experiencing its opposite, means understanding, rediscovering and “embracing” our Higher Self.


As nothing was created randomly, the Creator gave us options. Without these we would be stuck timelessly in a constant reality. Let us remember, this is only one phase, a step of a long staircase.


The Law of Free will:

This law is the solution to the Third Dimension, so that we can access higher dimensions, as the Fifth Dimension and others. As three-dimensional beings, we have the cosmic right to choose! It is up to each individual to choose the reality to experience, and of course the consequences of their choices and decisions – Karma. In this particular case, we are creators of our own existence. This is a “gift” from the Creator, a reflection of its essence, made by Its image!


Under a more daily point of view, it is through Free Choice that we transit between emotions of low frequency (as Fear, hatred, anger, envy, greed, etc. ) to the emotions of high frequency (Love, Peace, Joy, sharing, compassion, etc. ).  We have that choice, at any time and in every situation of life. It is as simple as that, just choose consciously! We are free beings, we are not intended nor linked to sadness and suffering, this is an illusion. I say, and repeat: we are creators of our own existence!


How do we transcend this reality? First we must be conscious, called Awakening process, and the understanding that far beyond a physical body with limitations we are a Soul, an energy being, that gives life to this same physical body. As very well explained by the great contemporary author Eckhart Tolle, in his magnificent work “A New World”, that of a wide pallet of emotions that we can experience, only three of which correspond to our spiritual essence: Love, Peace, and Joy! This is our essence, the basis of our Being, all that truly exists! Therefore, it is quite natural our transition from the Third Dimension to the Fifth, the dimension of Love. Not transiting means denying our essence, reject our Being!


Continuing in the third-dimensional perspective, we are faced with a new challenge: the ultimate competition, the race for “ascension”, who “ascends” first is superior and most enlightened. An illusion! We are still thinking through fear and not from the Soul, the HeartMind.  We all have the same basis, the same creative energy, and all without exception will transit eventually. It is not a race against time, but rather in favor of Knowledge and Consciousness (versus Ignorance and Fear).  It’s not “a time”, a specific date but cosmic alignments of Universal Harmony, because we are part of the Whole, and our energy balance is an integral part of the Cosmic Balance.


The great process of Evolution will not “stop” or slow down because we do not feel prepared!


Presently, each of us is being plagued by an avalanche of emotions, particularly those who have already begun the awakening process and are now making their first steps toward Unity. This phenomenon has many reasons and explanations.


Another great feature of this present age is the frequencional elevation of energy. This is a necessary process for the transition of dimensions, as we cannot fit a watermelon inside a cherry, a gradual adaptation to the “new” frequency is in order. This impact us on the physical, mental and emotional levels.


First of all, we will go through a physical transformation, and for that to happen, we need to go through a process of cleansing and detoxification. Unease, aches, flu-like symptoms such as fever, headaches, intestinal discharges, etc. We need to cleanse our cells of all the toxic materials with which we live daily. Adapt into new habits, eating healthier, and organic. On a second phase, the discovery of new functions that seemed non-existent, as the regeneration capacity, the capacity of healing and self-healing mainly, the activation of “new” mechanisms, such as the Pineal and Thymus Glands (Third Eye and integration/understanding of our Spiritual Being, and “Heart Mind”, the Awareness of the heart as a new way of thinking and be/feel reality), activation of “new” senses as Intuition, seeing energy fields (electromagnetic), new forms of communication emotional, telepathic, etc.


At the mental level, we will pass from the egoistic thought (I), of the individual for a more universalistic thought, as part of a Whole, for the Whole and for the sake of the Supreme Good of the Whole, only!


Finally, the emotional level. As the transformation of the physical body, we first have to go through an emotional cleansing. This is a process, which is a little “painful”, and complex, and therefore we must pay full consciousness to, because without this cleansing and stabilization, none of the other (physical and mental) may evolve. This is our true “Achilles heel”.  Because we identify with our emotions, because “we” allow our emotions to determine our “character”.  Another great illusion of Fear to be unmasked. Each one of us has within both forces: the Love, our “positive” side and the Fear, our darker and “negative” side.  All, without exception! What determines our character are our decisions, our choices. Once again, Free will to determine our direction!


Dependent on our “emotional baggage”, and mechanisms such as Acceptance, Forgiveness, Patience, this process will be more or less easy. Again, the Free will in command of the action!


Then, why are we being bombarded with confused emotions? First, to start the emotional cleansing, but also as a matter of resistance, either from the individual Ego, that is not going to stop playing the major role without giving a fight, of course, and by resistance of the Collective Ego of the Third Dimension. Let’s suppose the Collective Ego as an energy entity, or a frequencional reality that no longer make sense and therefore, it will cease to exist, the Fear!


How can we defend ourselves? All keys have been presented, we now only need to remember.


Free will, we choose consciously if these emotions will destabilize us, if again we will let it identify ourselves and “act” reactively, or not. We can also become aware of their existence, try to understand its purposes, for example if it remains within, in our emotional baggage, still something to resolve and accept.


Change consciously from Fear to the frequency of Love. Once again, this is a CHOICE. In this decision, not only we see reality as it really is, but also access the proper solutions for our challenges, and understand their higher purpose. Remember that each challenge is a lesson for the understanding, awareness and Consciousness!


And finally, we are fragile while body, as individuals, but each one of us is much more than just a body or an individual, each one of us is made by the image of the Creator, we are a Soul, an energy, which does not exist by itself, but part of a Whole which is the Universe. We cannot be destroyed, only transformed; we are timeless, indestructible and eternal. The fragility and loneliness are illusions.


We live in an era of a false conflict internal and external, all part of resistance mentioned above. Do not be fooled. We don’t need shields, amulets, incantations or “divine assistance”, WE ARE Divine!  Any concept that sets us back on the frequency of the duality and polarity, the Good versus Evil, “you have to choose which side you’re on”, “you must fight the forces of evil”, “you need protection” … all these are more illusions, to perpetuate the mentality and frequency of Fear. Step out, focus within, breath LOVE and gratitude!


We are in an Era of transition, and who began hers or his journey of Awakening already does not belong to the Third Dimension, by logical reasoning. Just access the true essence, the frequency of Universal Love, and each challenge will be understood and exceeded!



Eli de Lemos


Forgiveness is the first step to Love. The change in attitude and frequency starts with the release of low-vibration ties with the past and within the subconscious.

As it is easier to forgive others more than forgiving ourselves, by the illusion of control, by the unreal search for perfection, that we subconsciously maintain or by simple resistance to Acceptance of the facts as they were, in the face of which we would like to have been.

Let us begin with the more challenging, by self-forgiveness. The first step is Acceptance, to accept what was and how it happened. The past cannot be changed, has already passed, but it can and should be accepted. Our non-acceptance makes us not only relive the most  meaningful past events, and normally by fear, as also wonder constantly in parallel realities, in the realm of “what if.. “; “if I knew,” “if I had said so”, “if I had done this way”. By understanding and remembering our base, that we are spiritual beings, of Love, and that we have come to learn and experience our essence, and that to make mistakes is part of this learning process, we accept that if we really knew better, we would have done differently. Each moment, each situation was careful and graciously provided for the lesson required per individual and in its specific time. Each situation and lesson is an intensive course and directly related to our personal mission, nothing is by chance, everything has its functionality! To relive subconsciously alternative scenarios of the past, we lose completely the chance to rectify and to act, in the Present, in the Now, in real time.

By admitting our humanity, our imperfections humbly, we can more easily understand and observe the humanity in the others. Nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes, we try to, we learn, and we are all entitled to a second chance. After all, “to err is human”! Our relationship with others, our understanding, tolerance, forgiveness, begins with ourselves, within ourselves and for ourselves. If we do not love and respect ourselves, we can never truly love others or accept love. Contrary to common sense, there are no limits to forgiveness, but we can choose not to expose to recurring situations. A lesson learned is a further step reached, new lessons and situations will come, so is Life.

It is by self-forgiveness that we begin to change the world, in every being and by its manifestations. Our responsibility is to inner evolution, transcendence of Consciousness, to find Love in its Source, within ourselves in the Heart Singularity, we are not responsible for others, for their actions, their thoughts or we would surely violate the Law of Free will. Each is free to make their own choices. To ourselves, our choices, our consciousness.

Eli de Lemos

Understanding Duality

Understanding the true universal concepts is halfway to a raising Consciousness. As a castle of cards, if the bases are not well solid, all the knowledge acquired will be reduced to its basic weaknesses. And so it is our society, a history of concepts half interpreted and full of loopholes, waiting for its inevitable total collapse.


The word itself already induces the error, but it is not the source of its incorrect interpretation. Fruit of a separatist mentality versus the mentality of Unity, based in the energy of fear, in contrast to pure Love, the word “duality” conventionally described as “two opposing principles”, actually represents “two sides of the same coin”, two aspects of the Whole, as the day and night, hot and cold, are just manifestations of the same.


Its basic concept comes from the differentiation of energy, in Female and Male, which has nothing to do with gender or sexuality, but with its functionalism.


Everything is Energy, in constant vibration and movement. Movement that manifests itself in a perpetual “pulse”, in expansion and contraction, scientifically known as entropy and syntropy. The expansion, or entropy, represents the male energy, which extends beyond its origin, and the contraction, the syntropy, the return to the Source, to Absolute Being, the female energy. In summary, the Tao, the Yin-Yang, the universal dynamic, without which the universe as we perceive today and Now would not exist, without which We would not “be”.


As a “tale never loses in the telling”, the separatist mentality added a competitive connotation, an “in-divi-dualism”, either one reality or another, but we cannot choose both! It became the rule. With this, we separated Knowledge into two versions to choose from, and even added a polar character to it, the negative and the positive, one version is “bad”, while the other is “good”, at the mercy of the interpreter. We have created a false free will.


Back into Unity, to Love, and with a higher Consciousness, we now can better accept its true nature, understand its reason for being. The universe simply Is as It Is, and questioning its divine perfection based upon a human separatist interpretation is a waste of time and purpose of Life. Its ACCEPTANCE raises us to new heights of Knowledge, to new stages of discovery and learning. Frees us from the chains and limits, which we have created, and allows us to evolve onto unknown terrain just waiting to be discovered. Neither the sky is the limit, because Creation is infinite, as well as the “staircase” of Knowledge.


Eli de Lemos

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