The Intention or the power of intention is one of the most powerful forces in the universe, we just need to learn how to “work” with it, in a pure and harmonic way, respecting the universal balance, with an attitude of cooperation, essentially. The intention has always had a very active role in healing. Let us call it placebo effect, extra motivation, or as commonly known in Reiki, the intention to be a pure channel of universal energy.


Demystifying its secret, true and pure Intention can only come from the heart, the creative energy, pure Love, from the Heartmind. It does not uses logic and rationality, only faith, and hope.


After everything we have been learning about the amazing capacities of water, as its memory and communication, we can deduce that to transmit an intention of healing to water, we simply need to express words and/or thoughts of love and gratitude, with the right frequency, an “open heart” and pure feelings.


The water deserves all our respect and gratitude, we are water in majority, and it is present throughout the world, and the universe. In transmitting these “intentions” with an attitude of cooperation to the water, and not as an order, we will purify its energy, the life that the water “carries” in itself, not just externally, such as the water we drink, cook and wash ourselves with, but also the water within, in all our body, brain, blood, etc. We are then purifying and revitalizing our own life, energy and well-being!


With the same affection and love, we must always respect all water in nature, the rain, the sea, the lakes, because as the water communicates between itself, we will always be a reflection of the vital energy of the water around us. If each one of us send out regularly these positive frequencies, we impact consciously every single being and our environment, our society, the future of our children. It is therefore a beneficial habit and urgent for the good of all in the universe. And as we can see, we do not need elaborate technics, or long hours of meditation, only a pure intention, a moment, that can change substantially the rest of our lives!


Water Affirmation Satori Rei

“I am Pure Water;

I am Healing Life;

I am Love,

Thank you!”

Repeat the affirmation 3 times, and be thankful! You can repeat the affirmation as many times as you wish, always 3 times, each time, with the frequencies of love and gratitude. Recommended, especially when after drinking water, or in a bath, a shower, for example, whenever we are in direct contact, physical or visual with the water.


Always be aware and grateful above all. Never forget to love, thank and honor what gives us life and conditions to thrive!


Eli de Lemos