Every creation has a start point, ours is the Heart!

It is the heart and not the mind, the real source of intelligence and knowledge. Our gateway to the Source and infinity. It is through the Heart that we mostly communicate, sending out our electromagnetic vibrations, our emotional frequencies.

Our most vital organ is far more relevant then we gave it credit for in the past. If the whole universe is based and communicates in vibrations, then our Heart is our centerpiece, the main character of our existence.

Its pulse remind us, in every beat, how precious Life is and how made by the primordial Energy we are. We pulsate like energy. We feed from its capacity to love. We only love through its direct connection to Love.

The Heartmind is the physical manifestation of the pure Being, the living in the Primordial Love state, our everyday Syntropy, the return to Source.

Imagine what we could all achieve if our hearts beat has ONE, in unison, from the most pure loving frequency? How we could change the world, revive our natural World, generate more life, and thrive for all beings on Earth? It is exactly to this point that we are heading, the more beings awaken into Love and Harmony, into a collective dream and goal of paradise on Earth, a new Earth.

Our Heart is the key, to self-harmony, to a healthy connection with others, to the Oneness, that only our Heart truly understands what it means.

Eli de Lemos