Time, or the lack of it, seems to be the ruler nowadays. We want relief, and we want it NOW! And once again, we forget the nature of things, the simple complexity of the materialized universe. Everything comes in layers.


As the Universe itself is multidimensional, so is Knowledge, our human body is not just that, a physical body. We have layers, an etheric body which we refer as aura, and now more specifically as the Torus, an emotional body, a mental, etc. depending on the interpretation of the viewer.


When it comes to healing, it’s like peeling an onion. We can only heal one layer at the time, until we reach the root cause of the unbalance. That is conscious healing, and in my personal opinion, the most effective way in a long run. Consciousness is a Must. If we are not aware of what is causing us harm, we will most certainly keep doing it over and over again, and the “problem” can never be solved.


Another important detail we must acknowledge is that, as everything is energy base, so does our “problems” start at an energy level, mostly caused by low vibrational emotions such as fear, depression, stress, anger, lack of acceptance and forgiveness, etc. These vibrations send electromagnetic signals that will lower the rest of the layers, all the way to our physical body, causing physical symptoms and dis-eases. When a patient comes for help, the root cause is already part of their lives for many years, within all layers. Logically, it cannot be fixed by instant.


Then again, it is always a matter of choice, one that we should make consciously. Either we commit and take the time for, in our own benefit, or we choose for quick fix solutions, like conventional painkillers, which only mask the symptoms for a certain period, but does not solve the root cause at all, permitting its reoccurrence.


It is said that all the good things in life demand time, patience and “sacrifice”. I would substitute the word “sacrifice” with commitment. Our health and well being only depends on us, our choices, our commitment to oneself.


It may come a time when healing is instant, but that can only be possible at higher frequencies, at a Unity state, when we become one with our body layers, with the Others as a Collective Consciousness, and with the Universe. Until then, patience is our best chance.


Eli de Lemos