At the beginning of any spiritual journey, Fear does not disappear as if by magic. On the contrary, it adapts and coexists for a very long time, disguised in various forms and false ideologies.

The False Unconditional Love exists, and is nothing more than fear disguised as a “lightworker”, or a benefactor. What distinguishes it from the real Love are its intentions or false claims to fix the others, to conquer a certain reputation and respect, to collect social benefits and/or financial, are the main motivations. While there is within us any kind of fear, we will always be at its mercy, unconsciously.

A true enlightened Being doesn’t complement exuberantly others for fear of of rejection, or not being accepted and respected enough. Does not approach people for their own benefit, doesn’t speak of love only by words without corresponding actions, does not identify themselves before the world as a Light Being, because he would know we in fact are all Light Beings. The true enlightened Being shines by itself, radiates love simply by their presence, has no need for words, long speeches and constant opinions of who you knows better. They opens paths, leave hints of wisdom, and sows options and new choices!

It is necessary a lot of inner work, looking within ourselves, with humility, honesty, a great deal of patience and forgiveness for many years, and a lot of faith and courage. We are humans, we came here to (re) learn. Only then, will we begin to understand the true unconditional Love, the real connection with everything that exists, the true essence of the Universe and Unity, the Creation purpose and our entire existence.

True knowledge is universal, and inspired by the universes intelligence, Universal Consciousness. It cannot and should not be owned by anyone. That is why most liberating thoughts reoccur in time, by many different thinkers. It’s everyone inherence.

It is also important that we understand that we all fall into this False Unconditional Love eventually, without exceptions. Nobody is born fully enlightened, and it’s part of our growth, our “Awareness” and Consciousness evolution. We must start by identifying our fears, accept and understand them with Love. Each fear resolved is a step towards true liberation!

Eli de Lemos