We came to life to learn, to experience, to live Life. We came to learn who we are, who we truly are by universal essence and all that we can BE. Do we really know ourselves, our essence of life, our full potential?

Starting by the base of it all, we “can neither be created (produced) nor destroyed by itself. We can only be transformed.” We are energy, pure and simple! An energy that created a Big Bang, to which WE are part of. And when materialized into hydrogen and carbon, to name a few, originated stars, planets, and us, humans and all life beings. Does the expression “We are made of stardust!”

How often we forget from what we came to be and how truly amazing and powerful our essence is. Creation did not stop there. Every day, as human beings we created something new, we can be whatever we want to be. Are there really any limits to creation? Then how come we limited ourselves with meaningless labels and superficial social and cultural standards? Our true freedom begins with acknowledgement, by honoring our potential. We are energy, we are eternal and limitless, that’s who we are!

To experience these many and infinite possibilities, and to understand the true meaning of individuality, we must learn how unique each one of us is. There are no two minds completely alike, each of us adds something completely new to the world, our perspectives. That is the reason why each and everyone experiences the world in so many ways, through situations, beliefs, cultural and ethical backgrounds. To find the meaning of our individual existence is to pursuit our passions, that is the mission and our unique perspective contribution, who you are and came to be. Find your passions and you will find your mission in Life… Connect with your Higher Self and the Universal Consciousness; Connect your passions with the lessons you received from your life so far; Listen and trust your Intuition; Let it flow, naturally!

Eli de Lemos