Throughout life, we search for a Master. An example to guide us, to follow, to help us to see things as they are and how they can be resolved, how one ought to live Life, what to believe in and what not.

By itself, this attitude already has a great deal to it. It is nothing more than a quest for acceptance, self-validation. A manifestation of our inner insecurity, lack of confidence in our own “instincts” and more seriously a des-responsibility for the course of our own lives and choices.

In addition to a brain and a Mind, Creation gave us much more … the perspective of Individuality as a part of the Whole! That is to say that each one of us is a distinct part of a puzzle. That only by joining all the parts, each one of our prospects, we can understand the Whole, the universe in all its complexity and infinity, the Absolute Truth.

What is a Master if not a conscious being, a frequency of innate Knowledge within each one of us? The truth resonates with our soul, our heart and that we can clearly feel ourselves. In its most spiritual sense, a Master is a Teacher, someone who shows us the direction of Knowledge, but not of our individual path.

The Master we seek for is within ourselves, in each one of us! This is the path to the Fifth Dimension, the true meaning of the so announced coming of Christ, the awakening of Knowledge of the Universal and unconditional Love. When we say that we are a Micro cosmos, “made by the image of God”, it implies that all the answers to our questions and doubts are also within. Just learn to listen to our inner voice, our Universal Consciousness.

We have everything we need, and even when we are not able to access our inner wisdom, behold the universe reflects the answers incessantly until its understanding and acceptance. There is no way not to understand, unless by personal choice! In the course of our lives, we find numerous teachers, in endless ways, from family, friends (human and animals included), lesser friends, situations, intuitions, emotions, messages and recurring dreams, etc. Just look around! Although these “external” teachers will only point toward the direction in life, they cannot solve all our problems, nor live by our individual path of Evolution. Only the Master from within, our inner knowledge and consciousness will know exactly the true path, our uniqueness, individual perspective to which we contribute to the harmony of the Whole.

Trust in yourselves, always, without exceptions! Learn how to listen to oneself! Use your intuition to guide you, follow your dreams and real passions, your own vision!

Eli de Lemos