Love has been since ever the most well kept mystery, sought by all.

It is understood that there are many types of Love, as there are in fact many ways to love, and many facets of Love. I speak of individual Love, parental Love and family, Friendship, Compassion, Forgiveness, Generosity, Understanding, etc., the limitless possibilities of manifestations of Love and its true essence.

However, the true essence of Unconditional Love is much more than all that until now has been described and enshrined in mere words, the true meaning of Love is in the literal sense of Feeling, Being. Not in brief moments of euphoria and happiness, because much more than an emotion or a feeling, Love is an Energy, more specifically, Love is the Original Power and Creator of the Universe.

Unconditional Love is the most pure state of Being. It is part of all of us, of all that exists, everything that has ever existed and all that will exist. Each one of us, every living being is a manifestation of Love. It is exactly this essence of Being that we seek in our timeless religious, spiritual, philosophical and existentialist search.

Who are we? We are a physical manifestation of Love.

Where we come from and where are we going? From and for the purest state, energetically speaking, the Singularity, the highest frequency: Universal Love.

What are we here for? To experience and understand consciously Love in its infinite forms and manifestations, possible and imaginable, and just maybe create some more.

And its canvas of infinite possibilities is so vast and full, that literally encompasses all of the concepts that exist and more you can imagine!

Eli de Lemos