Consciousness is at the base of all existence and perception. Is what created Spacetime, evolution, and transcendence.  The intelligence behind all scenes and potential scenarios, the keeper and the Creator of the divine equilibrium.


In order to expand beyond Itself, and experience Self from an outer perspective, it created space, time, multi frequencies, multi dimensions, an infinite canvas. It created separateness, or the illusion of it. Like dimensional lents of perception, Consciousness adapted into different frequencies of understanding. Let’s say there is a Universal Consciousness, the Whole, a Collective Consciousness, which is where we head, the Unity Mentality and inner state, and last but not least, an Individual Consciousness, the consciousness of individual self, … us.


Within the physical body, but not material per se, our individual consciousness thinks and perceives logic primarily from the mind. So we thought! Now, we have included the importance of the Heartmind as primary contact with the Consciousness Source, universal. We categorized Ego uniquely from the mind, the rational logic within a Fear based mentality. But now we know better. We know that it is in fact the from the Heartmind, from the Love Unity Source, expressing itself into a unique manifestation of self.


Can Ego be useful? What is its purpose of existence? Everything serves a purpose, so does the Ego. In the Fear mentality, everything is based under the classic but incorrect duality: Good vs Bad (see article “Understanding Duality”). Ego was labeled as a “bad” element, the reason for all illusions, for all our misguided actions.


The Ego is our personal consciousness, which makes us unique and individuals. Each of us exists to add our personal and individual perspective, to connect and complete the “Bigger Picture”. As we the Unity dimension, it becomes more obvious that in fact we are all One, a collective entity. However, to reach that level, we must embrace our individuality first, as an ocean is made of infinite drops, so is the Whole. Each drop knows their part, their purpose: To serve and BE, a fractal of the ocean!


As for the Ego being the source of all illusions, that per se is the biggest illusion: It is not the Ego, but the Fear energy behind it! An Ego without Fear opens the doors to its true potential: our unique perspective of the ultimate Truth, our personal mission and purpose in life and a step forward into Unity!


Eli de Lemos