Within the same Space & Time there are all dimensions. Spacetime is multidimensional in its nature, as so are we. All here and now.


The key secret is not how to travel in between spacetime but rather how to access each dimension. There are dimensional beings in existence, but all beings are multidimensional by essence, therefore can “travel” back and forward at the speed of thought or intention. I believe we as human race are also created multidimensional and have this ability incorporated in one or more of our bodily layers. This is another of our little secrets we had hidden even to ourselves.


Has a result of an universal dimensional upgrade, such has we are experience now, from 3D to 4D and stabilizing at 5D, in matter of time acceleration, we can now access a much deeper level of understanding of our true nature and capabilities. We now have the knowledge of frequencies, its effects both individually and has a collective entity, and how to access each desired frequency.



Has we may experience through meditation states, astral projections or travels for example, we can reach different states, mostly inner states, of being. Each of these states are also different frequencies, and each frequency is a dimension. Has we rise in inner consciousness or higher frequencies, we are actually accessing different dimensions. Buddha knew this, and this was his ultimate knowledge he tried to show and share with all mankind. But this kind of knowledge can only be experienced first individually and at a most advance stage collectively, when all are ready.


Of course, it is not as simple as frequency “manipulation”, or just  building a machine. We are it, we are the machine itself! One must first understand the true nature of energy,  that only Love is real, that Love is the true power of creation and transformation from within. Not just any love, but the real Love, the universal and unconditional Love and the power and range of our emotions.


Love is the key for dimensional access.


Eli de Lemos