As a direct result from the Disconnected Worldview, science and spirituality have been “measuring forces” instead of complementing each other. And there is a very logical reason why. In a third dimensional mentality, the Science/Spirituality connection is still seen as another paradox of duality, one of many.


We are living in a universe where matter, in its many forms and different frequencies, is ruled by the “Law of Purpose” (functionality). We all are aware that every existing thing serves a functional purpose, as in every element is a piece of the puzzle (the bigger picture). Same with science and spirituality, science studies energy manifestations, matter and living forms, spirituality studies the most abstract forms and definition of Energy. Although, in a wider sense both study energy in general, their main difference lies in their instrumentation of experiment, and terminology. Science builds machines, technology, explores and evolves the outer world, while spirituality uses the senses of perception, outer and inner consciousness and evolves from within.


Since always, spirituality has been stating how an energy force, which can only be “felt” in its purest form or observed and measured by its manifestations, connects everything. Spirituality goes even further and calls this primordial energy of Love, as in same definition of early Ether or Vacuum, and that it can only be understood and felt through the Heart Consciousness, the heart mind, which science is not yet fully able to replicate in a machine, although it is now being proved by technological instrumentation, and new theories.


One of the most amazing characteristics of the Unity Consciousness, the Collective Consciousness, is when we finally understand how it all connects, how the paradoxes make full sense. Science and Spirituality have always been interested in the same concepts, but limited by the language/terminology barrier. We all agree, it is urgent to find a middle term, to simplify the nominations and concepts in a common ground. Spirituality has always been the source theory behind the science, as now science is filling the gaps of the abstractness of spirituality, and giving it a form, an image, beyond doubts.


There is hope, there are now many new scientific concepts meeting spirituality, as many spiritual models meeting science. The new consciousness is unifying all fields into one major and mind blowing learning experience. Changes and new insights are now happening by the second! We are living a magical momentum in history, into Unity!


Eli de Lemos