Reiki is mostly known has a holistic complementary Therapy, which as the name itself suggests, promotes a balance between our inner vital energy, the “Ki” in Japanese, and the outer energy, the Universal everlasting flow, the “Rei”.

Has we are now all aware, everything is energy. What we perceive has “dis-ease” is in fact disharmonic energies between our many body layers, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Reiki acknowledges the energetic being we are by nature and works directly at its sources.


The Reiki (recent) history begins in Japan, in 1915 by the Sensei Mikao Usui and presents many similarities to the Buddhist basic teachings and exercises.  In fact, very similar Healing techniques can be found in Tibet and China for more than 3000 years. The notion of healing by hands imposition has been present throughout the world in many different cultures, including ancient Egypt, a mothers instinct who immediately caresses her child and who doesn’t remember one of the most known miracles of Jesus? Its essence has always been present in the human instinct, knowledge and culture and transcends any religion affiliations. Today, there are hundreds of different Reiki systems, each one with its particularity and view of its Master.


At a first glimpse, Reiki is a gradual Healing method, starting by the physical body, then the emotional blockages we accumulate over the years and aims at a peaceful and enlightened state of being, the Satori! But, as a practitioner, I have come to realize that Reiki in fact is a lot deeper and provide us with a lot more than just healing techniques, for self and others. It teaches us about self-love, self-respect and inner harmony within consciousness that is we become aware of how to heal ourselves, our habits and our way of living! It is an extremely valuable tool for life, and health prevention. Anyone who practices Reiki at a daily basis know for a fact that Reiki is an attitude most of all!


As we learn more and more how the emotions are the roots of most physical “dis-eases”, Reiki provides us an excellent solution, in which I strongly believe to be one of the best. In the future, if we are able to take better care of ourselves by eating healthy, acknowledge our emotions and live in a non-polluted environment, our medical system will be quite different from the present state.


There are a few important misconceptions about Reiki, which must be addressed. First and most importantly, Reiki does not heal per se, it promotes health, by reinforcing our immune system, empowering our already existing body defenses and its functions. It does not make any miracle healings or immediate effects, beside an obvious stress and pain relief, it takes time and effort for the real balance to sync in, as it works directly with the root problems and its many variants. Anyone who works in Health, knows that normally when a patient searches for help, the problem as already been going on for years, most of the times!  Reiki also provides us an excellent understanding of emotions, their causes and effects and teaches how to deal with each one, which with practice is one of the secrets of life and inner harmony.


Reiki works for our higher good, its common sense that Reiki will provide what we need the most for our self-evolution rather than satisfying our every wishes and desires. It cannot be used to prolong toxic relationships, to find the perfect mate or attract more money and power, obviously! But it does makes us more emotional stable, stronger and focus to pursuit our dreams and goals.


As Reiki spreads worldwide, it has touched deeply every life, every person it comes in contact with. By my own personal experience, Reiki changed my whole life such has I decided to dedicate myself full time, to share it with others the most I can. I spent a lifetime in sadness and depression, not living but surviving, and now, after fourteen years of practice and dedication I have finally found the joy in living, self love and the inner peace state of being! I am happy, just for being part of this amazing instrument of unconditional Love, the source of Life!


Eli de Lemos