Letting go so we can find it again might seem a paradox but in fact, it is very real!

Throughout Life we build dreams and hopes, goals, that carry our actions and give meaning to our lives. These dreams and hopes are set at the Thought and Emotional realm, and this is how we create our reality and co-create the whole world.

As stated in the “Law of Attraction”, once we set our rules, the next stage is its manifestation into the physical world. Here is where “things” get confusing! How come we manifest more the things we fear then the ones we so hope for? The answer lies in Detachment. The things we fear are mostly imprinted in our subconscious. Although, it is always present through compulsive thinking and in the form of worries, we do not really hold on to it, as a defense mechanism. “We avoid thinking about it.” When it comes to positive outcomes, we tend to do exactly the opposite! We hold on to those thoughts the most we can, with all our strength, to keep us going forward. Like a reminder, or “the carrot in front of the donkeys eyes”! By doing so, we keep it held in the Thought/Emotional realm, and do not “free” the request to its manifestation. We must let it go!

Of course, it is not just that simple. As mentioned above, our subconscious always has the “last saying” in manifestation. Letting go applies to all, to our hopes, our goals, but also to our fears and worries. How do we do it? How do we let go? By Trust and Acceptance. Trust the Universe or God, and accept what is and what will come, because only then we can start realizing that all we have is exactly what we need to achieve what we always wanted.

Only by letting go, we can give “space” and “time” for manifestation. That is exactly the moment when we find it again! Letting go does not mean giving up, at all! It means giving it freedom to action, freedom to BE!

Eli de Lemos

Satori Rei _/|\_