Awakening, Ascension, Enlightenment are the most debated concepts of our Time. Suddenly, everyone became an expert, a true enlightened being, but how many truly understand what it means?

First of all, it’s a long process, a very long and hard life journey. There are roses and true miracles along the way, but the real miracle is the acceptance and understanding of how every challenge, every stone in our path is the doorway to “heaven”.


There are many misconceptions that must be clarified: When did this life changing process began? Is it a selective process? Can we all become enlightened? When we achieve the true enlightenment stage what happens then? How will we know if we are there? Does it makes us special?


Perhaps the best way to understand the “Ascension” Path is to rename it to a simpler concept: Evolution, a natural universal wide process, to all creation. Everything evolves, in form, Consciousness and Knowledge. It is everybody’s path, no exceptions! Every life is subject to Evolution, and it starts by the second each of us is born, as a Soul.


Contradicting the “Chaos Theory”, the Universe obeys to certain universal Laws, in which nothing is created randomly, everything has a purpose. The creation pattern repeats itself at every level: “”As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul“. Evolution is a creation pattern, since the beginning of “spacetime” and to all eternity. There is no end!


As all life is Consciousness, and Consciousness is Knowledge, we all have a choice. One of the most blessing and misused Powers of Creation is Free Will. Beware of what you choose, by word, by thought, by feeling, as it does come true!


Consciousness is constant evolution, re-experiencing itself in all infinite forms and levels of complexity. Experience is the purpose of Existence. As such, we must accept and comprehend there is a Higher Order, a natural universal balance at the base of all creation, including our world and all its challenges, although we may not yet be able to grasp the whole picture. Therefore, it is in our Free Will right to choose to “ascend” or not, or better said: when!


As for “does it makes us special?” We always were!


Eli de Lemos