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July 2015

The 9 Chakras

The Chakras are the focal points of energy input, which “feed “our body and its many functions, distributed along a center channel, the Prana Tube or Prana Canal, according to its function and dimensionality, its corresponding frequency.


As the trunk of the trees, the Prana Tube is our constant connection with the Earth, Gaia, our root and connection to the physic world, and the Cosmos, our connection with spirituality. It is our multidimensionality. As an energetic rooting, that extends in both directions and is subdivided into multi meridians throughout the physical and energetic body, this channel comes from a central point, the Singularity, where the whole Creation, the Universe and the human body expands from, keeping in constant connection with the Source.


The whole Creation, as well as the distribution of Chakras, obliges to the basic universal laws, for example the Law of Opposites (the Female and Male energies), sacred geometry and basic vibrational universal order, the rule of Three and the “divine signature “, the 9 Code. The universe expands in cycles of three fundamental elements, completing in phases, three cycles each, in that 3 x 3 equals nine.


The Chakras arise from a central point, the Singularity of the Heart. As we already know, the Heart is much more than a vital organ or one of the basic Chakras. The Heart receives power directly from the Source and not from the outside, as the normal Chakras do. It is the Heart that sets the Prana balance of the being, as well as the vital equilibrium points and output energy points, the elbows/forearms and hands. The Heart is not a basic Chakra, is the source of all our Chakras, the Singularity of our Creation, the micro cosmos within, the Source.


Following the order of Creation (3-6 -9), in the first cycle (3), arises the first three Chakras, and because we are energy based, the first three are of spiritual expression, of Feminine energy: the Throat Chakra, the Brown Chakra (3rd Eye) and the Crown Chakra.  Respecting the Law of opposites, present throughout the universal nature, their corresponding expressions, of Male energy, appear to maintain the universal Balance, expanding in the physical world, and to root the materialization of being: the Solar Plexus Chakra, the Sacral Chakra and Physical Root Chakra. Counting with the Heart Source, these are the well-known 7 basic “Chakras”. The second cycle (6) is completed, the cycle of duality, Yin/Yang, the two sides of the whole. The Vesica Piscis of the Flower of Life.


The last cycle (9) of the first phase represents the Universal Balance that maintains the dual state in perfect harmony, at the same time that ensures and roots even further the Being in both directions, to Gaia, the healing energy of the Earth, the physical basis, and the Cosmos, our constant spiritual evolution toward the infinite Cosmos. Thus, in direct equilibrium with the vital points of the forearms/Elbows, appears the Energetic Root Chakra. Its corresponding necessarily is originated, the Higher Self Portal Chakra. Finally, at this stage, is the Chakra Portal of Gaia, in balance with the vital points of the Hands, creating final Balance of Being, its basis of Creation.


Logically, the expansion of our energy system is constant and always proportional to its corresponding, and develops in both directions. But this is the next phase of Being, the Collective Consciousness in Unity state with the Universe. It is essential that we first understand the basis of the first phase, our base, and we learn to harmonize and feel our perfect balance. As we learn to walk, firmly before we can run and jump.


Eli de Lemos


The power of Intention in Healing with Water

The Intention or the power of intention is one of the most powerful forces in the universe, we just need to learn how to “work” with it, in a pure and harmonic way, respecting the universal balance, with an attitude of cooperation, essentially. The intention has always had a very active role in healing. Let us call it placebo effect, extra motivation, or as commonly known in Reiki, the intention to be a pure channel of universal energy.


Demystifying its secret, true and pure Intention can only come from the heart, the creative energy, pure Love, from the Heartmind. It does not uses logic and rationality, only faith, and hope.


After everything we have been learning about the amazing capacities of water, as its memory and communication, we can deduce that to transmit an intention of healing to water, we simply need to express words and/or thoughts of love and gratitude, with the right frequency, an “open heart” and pure feelings.


The water deserves all our respect and gratitude, we are water in majority, and it is present throughout the world, and the universe. In transmitting these “intentions” with an attitude of cooperation to the water, and not as an order, we will purify its energy, the life that the water “carries” in itself, not just externally, such as the water we drink, cook and wash ourselves with, but also the water within, in all our body, brain, blood, etc. We are then purifying and revitalizing our own life, energy and well-being!


With the same affection and love, we must always respect all water in nature, the rain, the sea, the lakes, because as the water communicates between itself, we will always be a reflection of the vital energy of the water around us. If each one of us send out regularly these positive frequencies, we impact consciously every single being and our environment, our society, the future of our children. It is therefore a beneficial habit and urgent for the good of all in the universe. And as we can see, we do not need elaborate technics, or long hours of meditation, only a pure intention, a moment, that can change substantially the rest of our lives!


Water Affirmation Satori Rei

“I am Pure Water;

I am Healing Life;

I am Love,

Thank you!”

Repeat the affirmation 3 times, and be thankful! You can repeat the affirmation as many times as you wish, always 3 times, each time, with the frequencies of love and gratitude. Recommended, especially when after drinking water, or in a bath, a shower, for example, whenever we are in direct contact, physical or visual with the water.


Always be aware and grateful above all. Never forget to love, thank and honor what gives us life and conditions to thrive!


Eli de Lemos

The Heart Singularity

Every creation has a start point, ours is the Heart!

It is the heart and not the mind, the real source of intelligence and knowledge. Our gateway to the Source and infinity. It is through the Heart that we mostly communicate, sending out our electromagnetic vibrations, our emotional frequencies.

Our most vital organ is far more relevant then we gave it credit for in the past. If the whole universe is based and communicates in vibrations, then our Heart is our centerpiece, the main character of our existence.

Its pulse remind us, in every beat, how precious Life is and how made by the primordial Energy we are. We pulsate like energy. We feed from its capacity to love. We only love through its direct connection to Love.

The Heartmind is the physical manifestation of the pure Being, the living in the Primordial Love state, our everyday Syntropy, the return to Source.

Imagine what we could all achieve if our hearts beat has ONE, in unison, from the most pure loving frequency? How we could change the world, revive our natural World, generate more life, and thrive for all beings on Earth? It is exactly to this point that we are heading, the more beings awaken into Love and Harmony, into a collective dream and goal of paradise on Earth, a new Earth.

Our Heart is the key, to self-harmony, to a healthy connection with others, to the Oneness, that only our Heart truly understands what it means.

Eli de Lemos

The Quick-Fix illusion

Time, or the lack of it, seems to be the ruler nowadays. We want relief, and we want it NOW! And once again, we forget the nature of things, the simple complexity of the materialized universe. Everything comes in layers.


As the Universe itself is multidimensional, so is Knowledge, our human body is not just that, a physical body. We have layers, an etheric body which we refer as aura, and now more specifically as the Torus, an emotional body, a mental, etc. depending on the interpretation of the viewer.


When it comes to healing, it’s like peeling an onion. We can only heal one layer at the time, until we reach the root cause of the unbalance. That is conscious healing, and in my personal opinion, the most effective way in a long run. Consciousness is a Must. If we are not aware of what is causing us harm, we will most certainly keep doing it over and over again, and the “problem” can never be solved.


Another important detail we must acknowledge is that, as everything is energy base, so does our “problems” start at an energy level, mostly caused by low vibrational emotions such as fear, depression, stress, anger, lack of acceptance and forgiveness, etc. These vibrations send electromagnetic signals that will lower the rest of the layers, all the way to our physical body, causing physical symptoms and dis-eases. When a patient comes for help, the root cause is already part of their lives for many years, within all layers. Logically, it cannot be fixed by instant.


Then again, it is always a matter of choice, one that we should make consciously. Either we commit and take the time for, in our own benefit, or we choose for quick fix solutions, like conventional painkillers, which only mask the symptoms for a certain period, but does not solve the root cause at all, permitting its reoccurrence.


It is said that all the good things in life demand time, patience and “sacrifice”. I would substitute the word “sacrifice” with commitment. Our health and well being only depends on us, our choices, our commitment to oneself.


It may come a time when healing is instant, but that can only be possible at higher frequencies, at a Unity state, when we become one with our body layers, with the Others as a Collective Consciousness, and with the Universe. Until then, patience is our best chance.


Eli de Lemos

The False Unconditional Love

At the beginning of any spiritual journey, Fear does not disappear as if by magic. On the contrary, it adapts and coexists for a very long time, disguised in various forms and false ideologies.

The False Unconditional Love exists, and is nothing more than fear disguised as a “lightworker”, or a benefactor. What distinguishes it from the real Love are its intentions or false claims to fix the others, to conquer a certain reputation and respect, to collect social benefits and/or financial, are the main motivations. While there is within us any kind of fear, we will always be at its mercy, unconsciously.

A true enlightened Being doesn’t complement exuberantly others for fear of of rejection, or not being accepted and respected enough. Does not approach people for their own benefit, doesn’t speak of love only by words without corresponding actions, does not identify themselves before the world as a Light Being, because he would know we in fact are all Light Beings. The true enlightened Being shines by itself, radiates love simply by their presence, has no need for words, long speeches and constant opinions of who you knows better. They opens paths, leave hints of wisdom, and sows options and new choices!

It is necessary a lot of inner work, looking within ourselves, with humility, honesty, a great deal of patience and forgiveness for many years, and a lot of faith and courage. We are humans, we came here to (re) learn. Only then, will we begin to understand the true unconditional Love, the real connection with everything that exists, the true essence of the Universe and Unity, the Creation purpose and our entire existence.

True knowledge is universal, and inspired by the universes intelligence, Universal Consciousness. It cannot and should not be owned by anyone. That is why most liberating thoughts reoccur in time, by many different thinkers. It’s everyone inherence.

It is also important that we understand that we all fall into this False Unconditional Love eventually, without exceptions. Nobody is born fully enlightened, and it’s part of our growth, our “Awareness” and Consciousness evolution. We must start by identifying our fears, accept and understand them with Love. Each fear resolved is a step towards true liberation!

Eli de Lemos

Who we are

We came to life to learn, to experience, to live Life. We came to learn who we are, who we truly are by universal essence and all that we can BE. Do we really know ourselves, our essence of life, our full potential?

Starting by the base of it all, we “can neither be created (produced) nor destroyed by itself. We can only be transformed.” We are energy, pure and simple! An energy that created a Big Bang, to which WE are part of. And when materialized into hydrogen and carbon, to name a few, originated stars, planets, and us, humans and all life beings. Does the expression “We are made of stardust!”

How often we forget from what we came to be and how truly amazing and powerful our essence is. Creation did not stop there. Every day, as human beings we created something new, we can be whatever we want to be. Are there really any limits to creation? Then how come we limited ourselves with meaningless labels and superficial social and cultural standards? Our true freedom begins with acknowledgement, by honoring our potential. We are energy, we are eternal and limitless, that’s who we are!

To experience these many and infinite possibilities, and to understand the true meaning of individuality, we must learn how unique each one of us is. There are no two minds completely alike, each of us adds something completely new to the world, our perspectives. That is the reason why each and everyone experiences the world in so many ways, through situations, beliefs, cultural and ethical backgrounds. To find the meaning of our individual existence is to pursuit our passions, that is the mission and our unique perspective contribution, who you are and came to be. Find your passions and you will find your mission in Life… Connect with your Higher Self and the Universal Consciousness; Connect your passions with the lessons you received from your life so far; Listen and trust your Intuition; Let it flow, naturally!

Eli de Lemos

Sacred Waters

If just we could talk to the water and be open to all the knowledge it can share? How amazing, and how much information we could learn, how it would change our perception of things, of the world around us and the universe itself.


Although, it may seem like wild imagination, it became real. Yes, we can communicate with water, we can receive and share its wisdom. Water is not merely a liquid. It’s a carrier of Life and universal Consciousness. Has Masaru Emoto as so well proven that water receives and mirrors vibrations, by sound, words, thoughts and emotions, water can also communicate it back.


Its origin goes way far back then Earth, since shortly after the Big Bang, as are scientist discovering now, and its everywhere in the universe. It’s wherever there is Life, in all its forms. It’s what gives us beings life, as we could not survive without it. Then if we consider how water has memory of all history, then at least 70 per cent of us is a walking universal encyclopedia.


Universal communication keeps the universe connected, in synchronization with all possible and infinite manifestations, creations. It is the order within the “chaos” of constant expansion. Water, and space, are the communicators, the connectors, the main agents of Unity. As 75 per cent connected by both Heart and Brain with water, we are part of this instant, ever flowing universal communication symphony. We contribute with our experiences and emotions and receive it back from the universe. Does this process sounds familiar? It has been long described has Law of Attraction, Karma, and many other terms and concepts.


In the same way water mirrors our intentions and frequencies we send out (conscious or unconsciously), so do we, beings and the world itself mirrors the frequencies sent by the water. It’s a two way street, a vibrational dialogue. Let’s deeply think about it for a minute or two, look around and do we like what we see, what we feel from within? The change is only an attitude away, a shift in frequency, in consciousness, that is all it takes, really!


Eli de Lemos

The concept of Unconditional Love

Love has been since ever the most well kept mystery, sought by all.

It is understood that there are many types of Love, as there are in fact many ways to love, and many facets of Love. I speak of individual Love, parental Love and family, Friendship, Compassion, Forgiveness, Generosity, Understanding, etc., the limitless possibilities of manifestations of Love and its true essence.

However, the true essence of Unconditional Love is much more than all that until now has been described and enshrined in mere words, the true meaning of Love is in the literal sense of Feeling, Being. Not in brief moments of euphoria and happiness, because much more than an emotion or a feeling, Love is an Energy, more specifically, Love is the Original Power and Creator of the Universe.

Unconditional Love is the most pure state of Being. It is part of all of us, of all that exists, everything that has ever existed and all that will exist. Each one of us, every living being is a manifestation of Love. It is exactly this essence of Being that we seek in our timeless religious, spiritual, philosophical and existentialist search.

Who are we? We are a physical manifestation of Love.

Where we come from and where are we going? From and for the purest state, energetically speaking, the Singularity, the highest frequency: Universal Love.

What are we here for? To experience and understand consciously Love in its infinite forms and manifestations, possible and imaginable, and just maybe create some more.

And its canvas of infinite possibilities is so vast and full, that literally encompasses all of the concepts that exist and more you can imagine!

Eli de Lemos

The Master within

Throughout life, we search for a Master. An example to guide us, to follow, to help us to see things as they are and how they can be resolved, how one ought to live Life, what to believe in and what not.

By itself, this attitude already has a great deal to it. It is nothing more than a quest for acceptance, self-validation. A manifestation of our inner insecurity, lack of confidence in our own “instincts” and more seriously a des-responsibility for the course of our own lives and choices.

In addition to a brain and a Mind, Creation gave us much more … the perspective of Individuality as a part of the Whole! That is to say that each one of us is a distinct part of a puzzle. That only by joining all the parts, each one of our prospects, we can understand the Whole, the universe in all its complexity and infinity, the Absolute Truth.

What is a Master if not a conscious being, a frequency of innate Knowledge within each one of us? The truth resonates with our soul, our heart and that we can clearly feel ourselves. In its most spiritual sense, a Master is a Teacher, someone who shows us the direction of Knowledge, but not of our individual path.

The Master we seek for is within ourselves, in each one of us! This is the path to the Fifth Dimension, the true meaning of the so announced coming of Christ, the awakening of Knowledge of the Universal and unconditional Love. When we say that we are a Micro cosmos, “made by the image of God”, it implies that all the answers to our questions and doubts are also within. Just learn to listen to our inner voice, our Universal Consciousness.

We have everything we need, and even when we are not able to access our inner wisdom, behold the universe reflects the answers incessantly until its understanding and acceptance. There is no way not to understand, unless by personal choice! In the course of our lives, we find numerous teachers, in endless ways, from family, friends (human and animals included), lesser friends, situations, intuitions, emotions, messages and recurring dreams, etc. Just look around! Although these “external” teachers will only point toward the direction in life, they cannot solve all our problems, nor live by our individual path of Evolution. Only the Master from within, our inner knowledge and consciousness will know exactly the true path, our uniqueness, individual perspective to which we contribute to the harmony of the Whole.

Trust in yourselves, always, without exceptions! Learn how to listen to oneself! Use your intuition to guide you, follow your dreams and real passions, your own vision!

Eli de Lemos

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